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AP List 07

AP Vocabulary List 07 of 10

nihilum, nihilī, n. nothing, not anything; [w/ gen.] no (annihilate)
nisi (conj.) unless, if not; except, only ()
nōmen nōminis (N) name, title, fame (nominal, nominate, ignominy)
nōn (adv.) not, no, by no means (nonissue)
nōn nūllī, -ae, -a some [lit. not no] ()
nōs nostrī, nōbīs, nōs, nōbīs we, us ()
noster nostra, nostrum our (paternoster)
nox noctis (F) night (nocturnal)
nūbēs nūbis (F) cloud, mist, vapor ()
nūllus -a, -um no, none (nullify, annulment)
nūmen nūminis (N) divine will; divinity; god, goddess (numinous)
numerus -ī (M) number (numeral)
nunc (adv.) now ()
nūntius -ī (M) messenger; message (announce)
ob (prep. w/ acc.) because of, on account of, for; against (obstacle)
obses obsidis (M/F) hostage ()
obtineō -ēre, -uī, obtentum to hold, occupy (obtain)
oculus -ī (M) eye (monocle, binoculars)
omnis omne all, every, whole; as a whole (omnipotent, omniscient)
oppugnātiō oppugnātiōnis (F) attack (oppugn, pugnacious)
oppugnō -āre, -āvī, -ātum to attack (oppugn)
opus operis (N) work, labor; artistic work (inoperable, opus)
ōra -ae (F) shore, coast; border, edge ()
ōrdō ōrdinis (M) order; rank, position (ordinary)
ōrō -āre, -āvī, -ātum to beg, plead; to pray (oratory, oration)
ōs ōris (N) mouth; face; expression (oral, peroration)
parēns parentis (M/F) parent (parental)
parō -āre, -āvī, -ātum to prepare, arrange, make ready (pare, preparation)
pars partis (F) part; direction; side (partition)
passus -ūs (M) pace [2 steps] (passage)
pater patris (M) father (paternity)
patria -ae (F) homeland, native land, home (patriot)
paulum (adv.) a little ()
pāx pācis (F) peace (pacify)
pectus pectoris (N) chest, breast, heart (pectoral, expectorant)
per (prep. w/ acc.) through, along; by; throughout (permanent, persistent)
perīculum -ī (N) danger (perilous)
permoveō -ēre, permōvī, permōtus to agitate, influence, move; provoke ()
persuādeō -ēre, persuāsī, persuāsus to persuade (+ dat.) (persuasive)
pertineō -ēre, -uī,, pertentum to extend to, relate to, pertain to (pertain)
perturbō -āre, -āvī, -ātum to disrupt; to rouse, agitate (perturb)
perveniō -īre, pervēnī, perventum to come through, arrive at (w/ ad + acc.) ()
pēs pedis (M) foot (pedal, pedicure)
petō -ere, -īvī, -ītum to look for, seek; to attack; to scan (petition, competition)
pietās pietātis (F) loyalty, devotion, sense of duty (pious, impiety)
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