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AP List 06

AP Vocabulary List 06 of 10

labor -ōris (M) labor, work; hardship, suffering (laborious, collaborate)
lacrima -ae (F) tear (lachrymal, lachrymose)
laetus -a, -um happy, delighted; fertile ()
lateō -ēre, -uī to hide, conceal, lurk (latent, latency)
lātus -a, -um wide, extensive, spacious (latitude, latitudinal)
lēgātus -ī (M) envoy, ambassador; lieutenant (delegation)
legiō legiōnis (F) legion [the largest military unit, commanded by an imperator, a legate, or quaestor; usually between 3200 and 5000 soldiers] (legion)
Libya -ae (F) Libya (Libya)
licet -ēre, -uit to be allowed for x [dat.] to y [inf.]; granted that x [nom.] y [subjunctive] (license)
līmen līminis (N) threshold; door; house (preliminary, liminal, subliminal)
litterae -ārum (F pl.) letter, epistle; letters [of the alphabet] (literary, literature)
lītus lītoris (N) shore, beach (littoral)
locus -ī (M) place, position; rank (location)
longē (adv.) far, at a distance; by far (long)
longus -a, -um long (elongate)
lūmen lūminis (N) light; [pl.] eyes (illuminate, luminary)
lūx lūcis (F) light, brightness; day (Lucifer, lucid)
magnitūdō magnitūdinis (F) greatness; magnitude, size (magnitude)
magnus -a, -um great, large, huge; mighty; loud (magnitude, magnify)
manus -ūs (F) hand; band, force (of an army) (manual, manufacture)
mare maris (N) sea (marine, maritime)
maximē (adv.) very greatly, in particular, especially (maximize)
medius -a, -um middle of, the middle (mediator, mediocre)
metus -ūs (M) fear, dread, apprehension (meticulous)
meus -a, -um my, mine ()
mīles mīlitis (M) soldier (military)
mille passuum mile (mile)
mīlle; (pl.) mīlia thousand (mile, millenium)
minus (adv.) less (minus)
mīror -ārī, -ātus sum to wonder, be astonished (miracle, mirage)
misceō -ēre, -uī, mixtum mix, mingle; to confuse (mixture)
miser misera, miserum wretched, miserable, unhappy (miserable, miser)
mittō -ere, mīsī, missum to send (transmission)
moenia -ium (N pl.) walls, ramparts; structures ()
mōlēs mōlis (F) mass, weight; difficulty; greatness (molecule, molest)
mōns montis (M) mountain, hill (montage, montane)
morior morī, mortuus sum to die, expire; to decay, wither (mortuary, mortgage)
mors mortis (F) death (mortality)
moveō -ēre, mōvī, mōtum to move, shake; to arouse, agitate (promotion, demote)
multitūdō multitūdinis (F) crowd, multitude (multitude)
multus -a, -um much; (pl.) many (multinational)
mūnitiō mūnitiōnis (F) fortification (munitions)
mūrus -ī (M) wall, city wall (mural, immure)
nam (conj.) for ()
nātus -ī (M) son, descendant (nation, neonatal)
navis longa warship ()
nāvis nāvis (F) ship; fleet [pl.] (navy)
nē (conj.) not; do not; lest ()
-ne (enclitic) [introduces a yes/no question] ()
nē . . . quidem not even ()
nec, neque and not; neither . . . nor . . . ()
Nerviī -ōrum (M pl.) Nervii [a people of Belgian Gaul] (Nervii)
nihil (N) (indecl.) nothing, not anything; [w/ gen.] no (annihilate)
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