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AP List 04

AP Vocabulary List 04 of 10

dūcō -ere, dūxī, ductum to lead, guide; to conduct; to choose; to think, consider (induction, conduct, duke)
dum (conj.) while [w/ indic.]; until [w/ subj.] ND
duo duae, duo two (duality)
ē, ex (prep. w/ abl.) out of, from; according to (exhume, exhaust)
Eburōnēs -um (M pl.) Eburones [a people of Belgian Gaul] (Eburones)
efficiō -ere, effēcī, effectus to perform, accomplish, make, render (effectual)
ego meī, mihi, mē, mē I, me (egotistical)
ēgredior -ī, egressus sum to go out, come out; to disembark (egress)
eō īre, iī / īvī, itum to go, walk, move; to ride; to sail (transition, initiate)
eques equitis (M) horseman; ‘knight’; [pl.] cavalry (equestrian)
equitātus -ūs (M) cavalry (equitation)
errō -āre, -āvī, -ātum to wander, roam; to be mistaken (error, erratic)
et; et . . . et (conj./adv.) and, both, also, even; both . . . and (et cetera)
etiam (adv.) also, too, even; still ()
etsī (conj.) although ()
exercitus -ūs (M) army (exercise)
exīstimō -āre, -āvī, -ātum to think, consider (estimate)
extrēmus -a, -um outermost; farthest; final (extremities, extreme)
facile (adv.) easily (facile, facility)
faciō -ere, fēcī, factum to do; make; to achieve; to carry out (factory)
facultās facultātis (F) chance, opportunity (faculty)
fāma -ae (F) report, rumor; saying (famous, infamy)
fātum -ī (N) fate, prediction (fatal, fated)
ferē (adv.) almost; generally, usually ()
ferō ferre, tulī, lātum to bring, carry; to wear; to report (transfer, defer, prefer)
ferrum -ī (N) iron; tool; spear; sword (ferrous, Fe)
fīlius -ī (M) son (affiliate)
fīnēs fīnium (M pl.) borders; land, territory (final)
fīnis fīnis (M) end, boundary; territory [pl.] (infinite, define, refine)
fīnitimus -a, -um neighboring; [as a noun] neighbor ()
fiō fierī, factus sum to be made; to be done; to happen (factory)
flamma -ae (F) fire, flame (inflammatory)
fluctus -ūs (M) wave, tide, surge (fluctuate)
flūmen flūminis (N) river (flume)
for fārī, fātus sum to say, speak (infant, infancy)
fortis forte brave, courageous (fortitude)
frūmentum -ī (N) grain ()
fuga -ae (F) flight, escape (fugitive, refugee)
furō -ere, -uī to rage, rave, be out of one’s mind (fury,furious, infuriate)
Gallia -ae (F) Gaul [region of Gaul] (Gallic)
Gallus -ī (M) Gaul [inhabitant of Gaul] (Gallic)
gemitus -ūs (M) groan, sighing, complaint ()
gēns gentis (F) race, clan; descendant (genteel, gentile)
genus generis (N) birth, origin; kind, class (generation)
Germānī -ōrum (M pl.) Germans (German)
gerō -ere, gessī, gestum to wage, carry on; to do (gestation)
gravis –e heavy; serious; severe (gravity)
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