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AP List 03

AP Vocabulary List 03 of 10

comprehendō -ere, -ī, comprehēnsus to grasp; arrest; comprehend (comprehension)
cōnfīrmō -āre, -āvī, -ātum to strengthen; to establish; to confirm (confirmation)
coniciō -ere, coniēcī, coniectus to throw, hurl (conjecture)
coniūnx coniugis (M/F) spouse, wife, husband (conjugal)
cōnor -ārī, -ātus sum to try conation ()
cōnsilium capere to form a plan ()
cōnsilium -ī (N) advice, plan; council (counsel)
cōnsistō -ere, cōnstitī, constitus to stand, stop (consistent)
cōnspiciō -ere, cōnspexī, cōnspectus to catch sight of, see (conspicuous)
cōnstituō -ere, cōnstituī, cōnstitūtus to place, station, establish; decide, determine (constitution)
cōnsuētūdō cōnsuētūdinis (F) custom ()
cōsuēscō, cōnsuēvī -isse, cōnsuētus to be accustomed [pf. forms w. pres. meaning] ()
contineō -ēre, -uī, contentus to contain, restrain, confine (content)
contrōversia -ae (F) dispute, controversy (controversial)
conveniō -īre, convēnī, conventus to come together, meet, gather (convention, convent)
cōpia -ae (F) supply; resource; [pl.] forces, troops (copious)
cor cordis (N) heart, spirit, feelings (cordial, discord)
corpus corporis (N) body (corporation, corporal)
corripiō -ere, -uī, correptum to seize, snatch, grab (correption)
crēdō -ere, crēdidī, crēditus to believe, trust (credit)
crūdēlis crūdēle cruel, bloody (crude)
cum (conj.) when, since; although ()
cūra -ae (F) anxiety, distress, care, concern (curator, accurate)
cursus -ūs (M) running, running course; haste (incursion, cursor)
Danaus -ī (M) Greek, of Danaus [a king of Greece] (Danaan)
dē (prep. w/ abl.) down from, away from; concerning ()
dea -ae (F) goddess (deity)
dēferō dēferre, dētulī, dēlātum to bring down; report (deference)
dēmittō -ere, dēmīsī, dēmissum to drop, let down; shed (demise)
dēmōnstrō -āre, -āvī, -ātum to show; to describe (demonstrative)
dēsum dēesse, dēfuī, dēfutūrum to be lacking, fail ()
deus –ī (M) god deify
dexter dextra, dextrum right, to the right; skillful; favorable (ambidextrous, dexterity)
dīcō -ere, dīxī, dictum to say, speak; to name, define (contradict, dictator)
diēs diēī (M or F) day (diurnal)
discēdō -ere, discessī, discessūrus to depart ()
disciplīna -ae (F) instruction; system, method (disciplinary)
dō dare, dedī, datum to give, put, appoint; to grant, honor (data, tradition, dative)
dolor doloris (M) anguish, distress, pain (dolorous, doleful)
domus -ūs (F) house, home; building; family (domestic, domicile)
Druidēs -um (M pl.) Druids (Druidic)
Created by: ejkotynski