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AP List 01

AP Vocabulary List 01 of 10

---, suī sibi, sē (sēsē), sē –self [reflexive] (aseity)
ā, ab (prep. w/ abl.) from, away from; by (absent, abstain)
absum abesse, āfuī, āfutūrum to be away (absent)
ac, atque (conj.) and, and also; as, than ()
accidit -ere, accidit to happen (accident)
accipiō -ere, accēpī, acceptum to accept, receive (accept)
ad (prep. w/ acc.) to, toward; at, by, near; [w/ numerals] about (addition)
Aduātucī -ōrum (M pl.) Aduatuci [a Belgian people of Cimbrian origin] ()
adventus -ūs (M) arrival; advance, attack (advent)
adversus -a, -um opposite, turned toward; facing (adversity, advertise)
aequor aequoris (N) sea, sea surface; waves; plain ()
ager agrī (M) land; field (agrarian)
agmen agminis (N) battle line, column, multitude, army (agminate)
agō -ere, ēgī, āctum to do, drive; to pursue; [impv.] go on! (action)
āit (defective vb.) she says, he says ()
aliquī aliqua, aliquod some, any ()
alius alia, aliud one . . . another; another, other, else (alias)
alter altera, alterum the one . . . the other; other, the other (alternative)
altum altī (N) the [deep] sea; the high seas ()
altus -a, -um high, lofty; deep, profound (altitude)
amor amōris (M) love, affection; passion; Cupid [proper noun] (amorous, paramour)
anima -ae (F) breath; life, existence, soul (animal, animation)
animadvertō -ere, -ī, animadversum to observe, notices ()
animus -ī (M) soul, spirit, heart; [in the plural] courage (animosity, animus)
annus -ī (M) year; season (annual, perennial)
ante (adv.) before, previously (antecedent, antebellum)
antrum -ī (N) cave, cavern (antrum)
aperiō -īre, -uī, apertum to open, uncover, disclose, reveal (aperture, aperitif)
appellō -āre, -āvī, -ātum to name, call (appellation, appellate)
apud (prep. w/ acc.) at the house of, with; among, next to ()
āra -ae (F) altar ()
arbitror -ārī, -ātus sum to think, consider (arbitration)
ārdeō -ēre, ārsī, ārsum to burn, blaze (ardent, arson)
arma -ōrum (N pl.) weapons, arms (armory)
arx arcis (F) fortress, citadel; hill, peak ()
aspiciō -ere, aspexī, aspectum to look at, behold (aspect)
at (conj.) but ()
āter ātra, ātrum black, dark; gloomy, deadly (atrium, atribilious)
aura -ae (F) air, breeze; favor, light (aura, aurora)
aut . . . aut either or ()
autem (adv.) however, furthermore ()
barbarī -ōrum (M pl.) barbarians (barbarian)
Created by: ejkotynski