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Drinks in Chinese

无咖啡因咖啡 144 Decaf Coffee wú kā fēi yīn kā fēi
浓缩咖啡 145 Espresso nóng suō kā fēi
拿铁咖啡 146 Latte ná tiě kā fēi
香草拿铁 147 Vanilla latte xiāng cǎo ná tiě
美式咖啡 148 Americano měi shì kā fēi
卡布奇诺 149 Cappuccino kǎ bù qí nuò
拉茶 150 Chai tea lā chá
乌龙茶 151 Oolong tea wū lóng chá
普洱茶 152 Pu’er tea pǔ ěr chá
菊花茶 153 Chrysanthemum tea jú huā chá
甘菊茶 154 Chamomile tea gān jú chá
格雷伯爵茶 155 Earl Grey gé léi bó jué chá
蜂蜜柚子茶 156 Honey Citron tea fēng mì yòu zǐ chá
薄荷茶 157 Mint tea bò hé chá
珍珠奶茶 158 Boba/Pearl milk tea zhēn zhū nǎi chá
根汁汽水 159 Root Beer gēn zhī qì shuǐ
脱脂牛奶 160 Skim Milk tuō zhī niú nǎi
豆浆 161 Soy Milk dòu jiāng
瓶装水 162 Bottled Water píng zhuāng shuǐ
自来水 163 Tap Water zì lái shuǐ
矿泉水 164 Mineral water kuàng quán shuǐ
巧克力 165 Chocolate qiǎo kè lì
生/鲜奶油 166 Whipped Cream shēng /xiān nǎi yóu
Created by: Ruth Zannis
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