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Basic Study/Romanji

Colors, Months, Family, Things, Likes/Dislikes, and Height

nani iro What Color? なにいろ
aka Red あか
shiro White しろ
kuro Black くろ
ao Blue あお
kiiro Yellow きいろ
chairo Brown ちやいろ
midori Green みどり
murasaki Purple むらさき
pinku Pink ピンク
orenji Orange (Color) オレンジ
gurei Grey グレイ
kiniro Gold (Color) きんいろ
giniro Silver (Color) ぎんいろ
daisuki Really Like だいすき
suki Like すき
kirai Dislike きらい
totemo Very とても
tomodachi Friend ともだち
kuruma Car くるま
atama Head あたま
kao Face かお
kamunoke Hair かむのけ
mimi Ear みみ
me Eye
hana Nose はな
kuchi Mouth くち
ha Tooth
kubi Neck くび
noto Throat のと
hige Beard/Moustache ひげ
te Hand
onaka Stomach おなか
ashi Foot/Leg あし
yubi Fingers/Toes ゆび
karada Body からだ
takai Tall たかい
hikui Short ひくい
haha Mom はは
chichi Dad ちち
ani Older Brother あに
ane Older Sister あね
ototo Younger Brother おとうと
imooto Younger Sister いもうと
obaasan Grandmother おばあさん
ojiisan Grandfather おじいさん
obasan Aunt おばさん
ojisan Uncle おじさん
okaasan Mother おかあさん
otoosan Father おとうさん
onnisan (Someone's) Older Brother おにいさん
oneesan (Someone's) Older Sister あねえさん
otootosan (Someone's) Younger Brother おとうとさん
imootosan (Someone's) Younger Sister いもうとさん
kazoku Family かぞく
gokazoku (Someone's) Family ごかぞく
kyodai Siblings きようだい
gakko School がつこう
ichi-gatsu January いち-がっ
ni-gatsu February にがつ
san-gatsu March さんがつ
shi-gatsu April しがつ
go-gatsu May ごがつ
roku-gatsu June ろくがつ
shichi-gatsu July しちがつ
hachi-gatsu August はちがつ
ku-gatsu September くがつ
ju-gatsu October じゅうがつ
juich-gatsu November じゅういちがつ
juni-gatsu December じゅうにがつ
Created by: ssfkwong



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