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starka verb 1b

böjning –i– / –e– / –i–

skina to shine
skin! shine
jag skiner I shine
jag sken I shone
jag har skinit I have shone
skrika to scream
skrik! scream!
jag skriker I scream
jag skrek I screamed
jag har skrikit I have screamed
skriva to write
skriv! write!
jag skriver I write
jag skrev I wrote
jag har skrivit I have written
slita to tear
slit! tear!
jag sliter I tear
jag slet I tore
jag har slitit I have torn
sprida to spread
sprid! spread!
jag sprider I spread (present)
jag spred/spridde I spread (past)
jag har spridit/spritt I have spread
stiga to arise; step
stig! arise; step!
jag stiger I arise; step
jag steg I stepped
jag har stigit I have stepped
strida to battle
strid! battle!
jag strider I battle
jag stred I battled
jag har stridit I have battled
svida to smart, sting
svid! smart, sting!
jag svider I smart, sting
jag sved I stung
jag har svidit I have stung
svika to let down, fail
svik! let down, fail!
jag sviker I let down, fail
jag svek I failed
jag har svikit I have failed
tiga to keep silent
tig! keep silent!
jag tiger I keep silent
jag teg I kept silent
jag har tigit I have kept silent
vika to fold; yield
vik! fold; yield!
jag viker I fold; yield
jag vek/vikte I yielded
jag har vikit/vikt I have yielded
vrida to turn
vrid! turn!
jag vrider I turn
jag vred I turned
jag har vridit I have turned
Created by: Kalense