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starka verb 1a

böjning –i– / –e– / –i–

(bliva) / bli to become
(bliv!) / bli! become
jag (bliver) / blir I become
jag blev I became
jag har blivit I have become
bita to bite
bit! bite
jag biter I bite
jag bet I bit
jag har bitit I have bitten
driva to propel, drive
driv! propel, drive
jag driver I propel, drive
jag drev I drove
jag har drivit I have driven
glida to glide
glid! glide
jag glider I glide
jag gled I glided
jag har glidit I have glided
gripa to grip
grip! grip
jag griper I grip
jag grep I gripped
jag har gripit I have gripped
kliva to step
kliv! step
jag kliver I step
jag klev I stepped
jag har klivit I have stepped
lida to suffer
lid! suffer
jag lider I suffer
jag led I suffered
jag har lidit I have suffered
niga to curtsey
nig! curtsey
jag niger I curtsey
jag neg I curtseyed
jag har nigit I have curtseyed
pipa to beep, squeak
pip! beep, squeak
jag piper I beep, squeak
jag pep I squeaked
jag har pipit I have squeaked
rida to ride
rid! ride
jag rider I ride
jag red I rode
jag har ridit I have ridden
riva to scratch hard
riv! scratch hard
jag river I scratch hard
jag rev I scratched hard
jag har rivit I have scratched hard
Created by: Kalense