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LE Regents midterm 2

NYS Regents - Living Environment

If cells are exposed to radiation, what can happen cancer, mutations, death
Describe a gene a band or segment of DNA found on a chromosome that contains the instructions for producing 1 trait
How many variables can a scientist test in an experiment? 1 variable
If we put a plant in the sunlight and then in a closet with no light, will the DNA a) mutate, b) turn on different genes, or c) replicate and produce more DNA Turn on different gene expressions but the DNA stays the same. (Does not mutate)
Meat is a form of _______. protein
Protein is made up of ________ _________. amino acids
An enzyme's function is determined by ________ and the sequence of ____________. shape, bases
Fat has more energy due to more _____________ ________. chemical bonds
What are examples of organic molecules? protein, fat, carbohydrate, sugar, fat, starch
What are examples of inorganic molecules water, oxygen, carbon dioxide
Starch is made up of __________ _____________. simple sugars
Enzymes function best at a specific _______ or ___________________. ph, temperature
What process breaks a larger molecule down into smaller pieces? hydrolysis
What process takes smaller molecules and synthesizes them into a new and larger molecule? dehydration synthesis
What organelle contains the genetic information inside a cell? nucleus
What organelle produces proteins? ribosomes
What organelle converts glucose into ATP? mitochonria
Cells try to maintain _______________ by balancing the amount of water in the cell and outside the cell. equilibrium
To pass a mutation onto its offspring, the mutation must be in the a) heart cell, b) skin cell, c) gamete (sperm or egg) gamete
In DNA, what does cytosine pair with? guanine
In DNA, what does adenine pair with? thymine
In genetic engineering, what is used to splice a human gene into a bacterial DNA? enzymes
When you cross one tomato plant with another tomato plant to make a new tomato offspring, this is called ________ ____________. selective breeding
An enzyme's shape determines it's _______ function
What cell organelles do plants have a) chloroplasts, b) mitochondria, c) both chloroplasts and mitochondria chloroplasts and mitochondria
In cloning the original organism's DNA and the offspring DNA are the identical - TRUE or FALSE True
What cell activity can occur without using energy? the movement of water across the cell membrane
Created by: kimhatch
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