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Who's Who Test 1

The Nationality, Most known work, and Profession of each person

Who is Elon Musk? A South African Engineer that made the tesla and Space X.
Who is Galileo? An Italian other that made the Telescope and other astronomical discoveries.
Who is Alexander Bell? A British inventor that created the Telephone.
Who is Ainissa Ramirez? An American other that created the Universal Soldier.
Who is Alessandro Volta? An Italian inventor that created the battery.
Who is Archimedes? A Greek other that made up the Law of Hydrostatics.
Who is Benjamin Franklin? An American inventor that works with electricity. His greatest accomplishment is the lightning rod.
Who is Beulah Louise Henry? An American inventor that invented the Vacuum Ice Cream Freezer.
Who is Cai Lun? A Chinese inventor who invented Paper.
Who is Edith Clarke? An American Engineer that made the Clarke Calculator.
Who is Fazlur Rahman Khan? An American Engineer that made the Sears Tower and other skyscrapers.
Who is Abraham Darby? A British inventor that made iron marketable.
Who is Burt Rutan? An American Engineer that made The Voyager and other Airplanes.
Who is Alan Turing? A British other that made modern computing.
Who is Charles Babbage? A British inventor that made a programmable computing device.
Who is Enrico Fermi? An Italian other that was the Architect of the Atomic Bomb.
Who is Emily Roebling? An American other that continued her husbands work of the Brooklyn Bridge after he died.
Who is Edodard Michelin? A French other that made Pneumatic tires
Who is Aprille Ericsson? An American Engineer that was the first African American to get her Ph.D.
Who is Alexander Fleming? A Scottish/British other that invented Penicillin.
Who is Marie Curie? A French/Polish physicist who was most known for her work in Radioactivity.
Who is George Stephenson? He was a British engineer that was most known for his work on railways.
Who is Louis Braille? He was a French educator that was most known for inventing a system of reading and writing for blind people.
Who is Lillian Gilbreth? An American engineer that is most known for her work in household appliances( Shelves in refrigerator doors.
Who is Leonardo Da Vinci? An Italian mathematician that was most known for creating the Amencodemeter Flying Machine.
Who is Kirkpatric MacMillian? A Scottish Blacksmith that is most known for inventing the pedal driven bicycle.
Who is Karl Benz? A German engineer that is most known for founding the Benz Patent Motorcar.
Who is John Wilkinson? A British Industrialist that is most known for making cast iron products.
Who is John Logie Baird? A Scottish engineer that is most known for inventing the first working television set.
Created by: Austinrocks24
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