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changes in biodivers


photosynthetic definition Organism that take co2 or sun energy to produce oxygen
what does gpf stand for green florescent protein
definition of extinct a species that died out
how do oceans play a big role in climate control by taking in and pouting out heat
name 2 ways we need the oceans to control climate and shipping routes
what are estuaries body's of water that are on thew shore and have direct river flow into the ocean
human ______________________ have modified earths ocean systems in many ways and with various consequences activitys
whats happening with water pollution harmful objects and chemicals are being released into natural water
what is over harvesting. harvesting natural resources at an alarming pace
why are native species a bad thing. it disturbs the natural balance
gobal warming definition tempter goes up steadily and scientist observe it.
many members of the worlds scientific community believe that ____ activitys contribute to global warming. burning____ fuels likegasoline and coal releases greenhouse ____, such as carbon dioxied and nitrous oxiedes , into the air. this trapes heat on ear
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