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Biodiversity study stack

Copy the photosynthetic definition: describes organisms that can use carbon dioxide and energy from sunlight to produce oxygen
What does GFP stand for? Green fluorescent protein
copy the extinct definition: describes a species that has completely died out
how do oceans play a critical role in regulating Earth's climates and weathers? The absorb heat and disperse it.
List two ways we depend on Earth's oceans. For fish and other animals and travel.
What are Estuaries? coastal water bodies that receive river flow and open into the ocean.
Human _______ have modified Earth's ocean systems in many ways and with various consequences. activities.
Explain what is going on with water pollution. People are putting trash in the ocean and it hurts fish.
What is over-harvesting? Harvesting a resource at an unsustainable level .
______ ______ are human-made underwater structures that promote marine life by providing surfaces for marine plants and animals to attach to on the ocean floor. Artificial Reefs.
Why are invasive species a bad thing? It ruins delicate delicate food webs/chains.
Burning ______ ______ like gasoline and coal releases greenhouse gases. Fossil fuels.
Copy the global warming definition. a trend of climate change observed by scientists that shows average temperatures on Earth to be gradually increasing.
Created by: s43372