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All waves begin with a source of _________. energy
A _______ is a disturbance that transfers energy from one place to another. wave
Matter ______ transferred as a wave moves is not
When a flag waves in the wind, the flag ripples back and forth as the energy________ along the flag. travels
The fabric on the flag does ________ forward with the wave energy. not move
A ____________ wave travels only through matter. mechanical
A ____________ wave can travel through empty space or through matter. electromagnetic
There are ______ types of wave motion. three
The three types of of wave motions are __________, ___________, and a combination of both. transverse, and longitudinal
A _________ wave is a wave in which the disturbance is perpendicular to the direction the wave travels. transverse
A ______________ wave is a wave that makes the partials of a medium move back and forth parallel to the direction the wave travels. longitudinal
Two common waves in nature are water waves and ________ waves. seismic
In water waves, water particles move in _________. circles
Indicating that these waves are a combination of _________ and _________waves. transverse and longitudinal
What kind of waves occur during an earthquake seismic
The __________ of a wave is the distance from one point. wavelength
The __________ of a wave is the number of wavelengths that pass a point each second. frequency
Frequency is measured in _______. hertz
The ____________ the wavelength, the lower the frequency. longer
Wave speed depends on the type of material, or ____________, a wave travels through. medium
The maximum distance a wave varies from its rest position is the _________ of the wave. amplitude
The more energy a __________ wave has, the larger the wave's ___________ will be. mechanical, amplitude
When you knock on one side of a door, the sound travels as _______________ sound waves through the door. longitudinal
These waves travel through the _________ that makes up the door to the _____ on the other side. matter, air
The partials that make up the door _________ some of the sound energy. absorb
Some of the energy of your knock bounces, or ___________, back into the room , that is why you ________ the sound. reflects, hear
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