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4th 6 weeks part 1

weather and space

temperature How much heat energy something has
precipitation Rain, snow, sleet and hail
weather The conditions of the atmosphere in a certain place at a certain time
climate The average year to year conditions of the temperature and precipitation in a certain part of the world
Geography an area of study that deals with the location of countries, cities, rivers, mountains, lakes
Geology a science that studies rocks, soil, and the history of the Earth
Data Information found during an investigation that is recorded and organized
Represent to be a sign, symbol, or example of someone or something
Average calculated by adding quantities together and then dividing by the number of quantities
Air Pressure The weight of air pressing down on everything around it
Humidity Water vapor in the air
Solar Energy energy from the sun
Water Cycle Evaporation, condensation, precipitation, accumulation, repeat
Sequence the order in which things are or should be connected, related, or dated
Evaporation When heat changes water to a gas
Condensation As water vapor rises, it cools. Forms clouds
Axis a straight line with respect to which a body or figure is symmetrical
Rotate/Rotation To spin on an axis
Revolve/Revolution To go around another object.
Model A representation of something
Apparent appearing to be true or real
Accurate agreeing exactly with truth or a standard
Sunrise happens in the east
Sunset happens in the west
Front A place where one air mass meets and pushes another air mass
Cold Front The symbol on a weather map that is blue with triangles, brings temperatures down, can cause storms
Warm Front The symbol on a weather map that is red and has semi circles, brings temperatures up, can cause storms
Meteorologist A scientist who studies the atmosphere
Gravity What keeps the planets orbiting around the Sun
Seasons Caused by the tilt of the Earth
Barometer Measures air pressure, low pressure =rainy, high pressure=clear
Thermometer Measures temperature
Rain Gauge Measures rain or snow
Anemometer Measures wind speed
Accumulation How much precipitation was received and measured
Shadow Always the opposite side where the sun is
System a group of objects or units combined to form a whole and to move or work together
Atmosphere the whole mass of air that surrounds the Earth
Transpiration the process where plants give off water vapor through pores in their leaves.
Created by: Justin.magers