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Are Saturated curves on, above, or below the curve? On
Are Supersaturated curves on, above, or below the curve? Above
Are Unsaturated curves on, above, or below the curve? Below
What 4 things might affect how well/quickly solute dissolves? -Temperature -Motion -Surface Area -Type of solvent
_________ are homogeneous mixtures that are well mixed, evenly distributed and their small parts are dissolved. (Ex. Kool-Aid, Soda,Air,etc.) Solutions
A ______ ______ consists of larger particles that are DIFFERENT from each other and are not well mixed. Components are not evenly distributed. You CAN see the parts. (Ex. Pepperoni, pizza, sand & water, salad dressing, muddy water, oil & water,etc.) Heterogenous Mixture
A _____ is where 2 or more substances come together but do NOT combine to make a new substance. (No Chemical bond, it is a physical change) (Ex. Air, Salt, Water, Blood, Soda, etc.) Mixture
A ______ is another example of a homogeneous mixture that is well-mixed and has evenly small parts that do NOT dissolve. You cannot see through it. (Ex. Shaving Cream, Toothpaste, Milk, Fog, Paint, Etc. ) Colloid
When a substance is _____, it cannot dissolve into a specific solvent. (Ex. Sand & Water, Oil & Water, Sugar & Oil, Etc.) Insoluble
______ is how much solute dissolves in a given amount of Solvent. (HOW MUCH- Not how fast) Solubility
_____ are heterogenous mixtures that are not well-mixed and some of the particles eventually settle out. They usually have "Shake Well" label on them. (Ex. Chocolate Milk, Liquid Medications, Salad Dressings, Etc.) Suspensions
The _____ of a solution tells you how much solute is present compared to the amount of solvent. Concentration
When a concentrated solution has more solute than the amount of solvent it is concentrated to be ____. Dilute
The ____ is the part in a solution that does the dissolving. (Ex. Water is a Universal ____.) Solvent (For Both)
____ solutions contain all of the solute that it can hold under the given conditions. Saturated
_____ means large amount of solute that dissolves in solvent. (Ex. Sugar & Water) Soluble
A ____ is a small amount of a substance that is being dissolved. It seems to disappear. (Ex. Sugar, Kool-Aid, Salt, Powder, Etc.) Solute
A _____ _____ is when 2 or more substances are evenly mixed and evenly distributed. You can't see the individual parts. (Ex. Shaving Cream, Kool-Aid, Milk, Toothpaste, Shampoo, Etc.) Homogenous Mixture
In a ____ ___ solution, a saturated solution is cooled slowly and sometimes the excess solute remains dissolved for a period of time. It contains MORE than the normal amount of solute. Super Saturated
Solutions are ____ if they have LESS solute than they would need to become saturated. Unsaturated
We have a larger amount of SOLUTE or SOLVENT. Solvent
Why does stirring/shaking help dissolve the solute faster? Stirring moves molecules so there is more opportunities for water & sugar to meet.
Why does temperature help to dissolve the solute faster? Increased temperatures make the molecules faste and can allow them to sollide and attract easier
Why does the surface area of particles help dissolve the solute faster? Increasing the surface area causes more sides of the solute to be exposed for the solvent to contact/attract to.
What does Polar Vs. Non-Polar have to do with dissolving the solute faster? Polar Molecules attract best to other polar molecules. -Oil is non-polar. Oil and Water (Polar) don't attract -Sugar is Polar. Water (Polar) and sugar attract.
What is surface area? Surface area is how many sides there is for molecules to attract to.
Created by: AMaggi22