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Unit 7 Review

OCS Applied Science Unit 7 Review Game

Bacteria clogging the pores on our faces is known as _____________. acne
The __________ is the largest organ of the body. skin
The rib cage protects our _____________. heart and lungs
The bones that protect our brain make up the ________. skull
The bone that is located in our shoulder is called the __________. clavicle
The human skeleton is made of _______ bones. 206
The stomach has ___________ muscle. smooth
Muscles, like the bicep, that help us move our bones are ______ muscles. skeletal
These connect muscles to bones. tendons
The outermost layer of skin is called the _________. epidermis
Too much sunlight can cause this. skin cancer
Digestion starts here, where saliva moistens food. mouth
This organ stores food during the digestion process. stomach
Nutrients, such as vitamins we need, are absorbed into the blood stream from this organ in the digestive system. intestines
Ulcers can form in this organ, causing severe pain when you eat certain foods. stomach
Created by: karlabrann