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Unit 2 Review

OCS Applied Science Unit 2 review game

What is it called when you split an atom in 2? Fission
What types of atoms are used in nuclear power plants? uranium
What is the ability to do work called? energy
What is a nonrenewable source of energy that we drill to get? oil
What is a good way to conserve energy when you go to school? carpool or ride the bus
What should you do with the charger when your phone has finished charging? unplug the charger
Which of the following is a fossil fuel that we mine to get? coal
What type of energy is in gasoline? chemical
What type of pollution is caused the most by burning fossil fuels? Air pollution
What type of pollution can be potentially caused by drilling for oil in the ocean? water pollution
What do you call the types of appliances that are most energy efficient? energy star
What can help save energy around windows and doors? weather stripping
What can help save energy in the walls and attic? insulation
What type of renewable energy needs lots of land and can harm birds? wind energy
What type of energy will work as long as the sun shines, as long as you install panels? solar energy
Created by: karlabrann