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Ethics NU 431

RightExample of Violation
Respect for Persons Violated when individuals are not treated as autonomous and lack the freedom to act for themselves. persons with diminished autonomy are not protected.
Beneficence Violation occurs when persons are not treated in an ethical manner, decisions are not respected, individuals are not protected from harm, and no efforts are made to secure their well-being.
Justice Violation occurs when a benefit to which a person is entitled is denied without good reason or when a burden is imposed unduly.
Right to Self-Determination Violated through coercion or by covert data collection. Subjects feel compelled to participate or participate without their knowledge.
Right to Privacy and Dignity Invasive questions are asked that could result in loss of a job or create embarrassment and mental distress.
Right to Anonymity and Confidentiality Subjects' responses are revealed intentionally or accidentally; this revelation of subjects’ identity information or responses could create a potentially harmful situation for subjects.
Right to Fair Treatment Research subjects are obtained from groups of people who are regarded as having less “social value,” such as the poor, prisoners, slaves, the mentally incompetent, and the dying
Right to Protection from Discomfort and Harm Violated when researchers know in advance that harm, death, or disabling injury will occur and thus the benefits do not outweigh the risk.
Created by: Dr.D