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GCSE Music Release Afro Celt Sound System

How long do the phrases tend tobe in this song? 8 bar phrases
What is the structure of this song? Intro-Verse 1-Break-Verse 2-Solos-Verse 3-Build/Outro
What is the tonality of this piece? C Aeolian and C Dorian
What type of harmony is this? Static harmony
What are the typical pop instruments in this piece? There are Synths, bass guitar, percussion and synth loops
What are the African instruments in this piece? Kora and Talking drum
What are the Gaelic instruments in this piece? Uilleann pipes, bodhran, tin whistle, low whistle
What is the Metre? 4/4 time
Describe the rhythmn Use of syncopationand occasional triplets, mostly straight semiquavers and polyrhythmns
Deacribe the melody Vocal melody based on opening motive, solo parts play melodies based on folk tunes and it is idiomatic
Describe the texture Multi tracked and layered, gradual builds in layers, sudden drop outs prepare the audience for new sections
Describe some ways technology is used in this piece Multi-tracking allows for textural effects, parts fade in and out in stereo field, synths and pre-recorded loops are used extensively and reverb used on all parts to create a sense of space
Created by: tree12



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