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Unit 1 Review

OCS Applied Science Unit 1 review game

You can help to solve the problem of land pollution by reducing, reusing, and recycling
The _____________ is a government agency that serves us by forming laws and regulations to protect the environment. EPA
These chemicals, such as DDT, are used to kill pests such as weeds and bugs. pesticides
Which is an example of a natural pollutant that might be found on a farm? dust
On earth, we only have ______ % freshwater. 3
The introduction of harmful materials into the environment is called pollution
The mixture of smoke, fog, and chemicals is often referred to as smog
A resource that is limited and that we do not make more of is called a nonrenewable resource
What is one way that we can conserve water in the bathroom? take shorter showers
Is a solar panel an example of a fossil fuel? No
What kind of air pollution would you find in a city full of folks driving cars, and factories? SMOG
Does washing your car in your driveway pollute the watershed? Yes
What is something that comes from cooking bacon that you should NOT pour down your sink? Grease
Created by: karlabrann