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Med Term Ch. 5


ano anus
appendo appendix
appendico appendix
bucco cheek
ceco cecum
celio belly, abdomen
cheilo lip
cholecysto gallbladder
choledocho common bile duct
colo colon, large intestine
colono colon
denti tooth
duodeno duodenum
entero intestines, usually small intestine
esophago esophagus
facio face
gastro stomach
gingivo gums
glosso tongue
hepato liver
ileo ileum
jejuno jejunum
labio lip
laparo abdomen
linguo tongue
mandibulo lower jaw, mandible
odonto tooth
oro mouth
palato palate
pancreato pancreas
peritoneo peritoneum
pharyngo throat
procto anus and rectum
pyloro pyloric sphincter
recto rectum
sialadeno salivary gland
sigmoido sigmoid colon
stomato mouth
uvulo uvula
amylo starch
bili gall, bile
bilirubino bilirubin (bile pigment)
chole gall, bile
chlorhydro hydrochloric acid
gluco sugar
glyco sugar
glycogeno glycogen, animal starch
lipo fat, lipid
litho stone
proteo protein
sialo saliva, salivary
steato fat
-ase enzyme
-chezia defecation, elimination of wastes
-iasis abnormal condition
-prandial meal
Created by: hkulovitz