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Music Brandenburg 5

Bachs 5th Brandenburg 3rd Movement Music GCSE

Who were the Brandenburg concertos devoted to? Margrave of Brandenburg
What is this Concerto an example of? Concerto Grosso (Large Concerto)
What is concerto grosso? There are more than one soloists, 3 movements, usually fast-slow-fast
What two groups are in a concerto grosso? Concertino, Ripieno
What consists of these two groups? Concertino are the soloists (in this case the violin, flute and harpsichord) The Ripieno are the wider orchestra
What is a basso continuo? "continuous bass" a continuous bass played by lower strings and harpsichord
What type of score does the harpsichord read (in this case) Figured bass, it is a musical shorthand indicating the chord to be played above the notes.
Name the five main functions of the harpsichord in this piece soloist, part of the contimuo, realising a figured bass part, completing the harmony, directing the ensemble
What "mood" is expressed in this movement Affection, this is acheived through the gigue dance rythmns, d major key and fast tempo
Describe the texture It is mainly fugal and contrapuntal, there are some passages that are monophonic and homophonic
What two structures does this movement combine Fugal and ternary
How is the fugal exposition structured (in terms of subject and answer) The subject and answer enter alternatively every two bar
Sometimes in the movement, the subject and answer enter only after one bar, what is this called and what does it highlight Stretto, this highlights tension and excitement
Name some common barouque musical devices Suspensions, sequences and pedals
What dynamics are there in the music? None, they do however have "terraced dynamics" which is just when more instruments are playing, it sounds louder, and when less instruments are playing it is more quiet
Created by: tree12