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Star Wars Main Title

GCSE Music Main theme of Star Wars and Rebel Blockade Runner

Williams uses leitmotifs in this piece, what leifmotif is the main theme for and what does the leifmotif represent? It is for Luke Skywalker, the leifmotif is heroic
What does the piece start with? Fanfare (three bars)
What does fanfare tend to consist of? Lots of Brass, loud percussion. It is celebratory, giving the impression of something grand
What other ways is this fanfare presented through? In the key of Bb Major/Opening tonic to dominant chord/triplets
What structure is the overall structure of Main Title/Rebel Blockade Runner? Main Theme - Link - Rebel Blockade Runner - Link 2 - March - Codetta
What are some of the Main Intervals in the Piece? Fourths and Sevenths
What is Quartal Harmony? Harmonies built on chords built on intervals of the superimposed fourth
Name another unusual chord that feature in this theme Added Sixth Chords/Neapolitan Chords
What structure is the main theme? Ternary
What is the tempo of the Main Theme? 100bpm
What is the dynamics change going from 35 to 36 Goes to piano, beginning of Rebel Blockade Theme
Which instrument features mainly in Rebel Blockade Runner? Piccolo
What is the ornamentation like in this part? There are high trills in the piccolo
What are the Dynamics of the 'March'? Fortissimo
How does this part feel like a military march? Timpani and Basses pounding out a repetitive rhythmn, chromatic chords and driving ostinato
Created by: tree12