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Defying Gravity GCSE

GCSE Music, Defying Gravity from Wicked

"Defying Gravity" is composed for which Musical? Wicked (2003)
Which musical is this based of? The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
What is a motif? A short melodic phrase of just a few notes
What is the most common interval in Defying Gravity? Perfect (the fifth, or the below fourth)
What is the most important melody in this music? The "Unlimited theme", which is the first seven notes of "Somewhere over the Rainbow"
The main verse is comprised of which two intervals? What type of melody do they help create? Perfect fourth and fifth. This helps create a strong and assertive melody
What is the structure of the song? dialouge 1 - verse 1 - chorus - link - verse 2 - chorus 2 - dialogue 2 - first bridge - chorus 3 - link 2 - revised introduction - vamp section - bridge 2 - chorus 4 - coda
Describe the articulation used It is a wide range, from marcato (very accented) chords in the start to long legato phrases. Three note ostinato is played staccato.
Describe the dynamics used It is a wide range of dynamics used, from fortissimo to pianissimo. It uses more unusual dynamics, e.g sforzando "forced" and fp "loud and then immediately soft"
Describe the texture used Defying Gravity starts with homophonic marcato chords from the orchestra and monophonic lines from each of the witches. The bridge is homophonic, the choruses are polyphonic. Wide range of textures
Describe the harmony/tonality There is no set key throughout. Both major and minor harmonies are used throughout, but with additional augmented chords (where the fifth is raised) and half diminished chords (where the fifth is flattened). The verse and chorus are major, the coda begins
Rythmn and Metre The main rhythmic focus alternates between slow chordal accompaniments and driving quaver rhythms. Melody is often syncopated and rubato is used. Heavy percussion is used for rhythmic emphasis. Starts in 2/2 before remaining in 4/4 for most of the piece
Describe the Instrumentation Combination of Classical and Pop instruments (electric guitar, drums and synths) Heavy emphasis on percussion. The unusual instrumental techniques (palm muting, flange, E-bow on guitars, timpani pedal glissandi). Unusual percussion instruments (bell tree)
Created by: tree12
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