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Latin Nouns

Latin 3rd Declension M/F Nouns

____ is i em e es um ibus es ibus 3rd Declension M/F case endings
civis, civis (m/f) citizen
legio, legionis legion
avis, avis (f) bird, sign, omen, portent
imperator, imperatoris general, commander, emperor
timor, timoris (m) fear, dread
pastor, pastoris shepherd, herdsman
frater, fratris brother
sedes, sedis (f) seat, throne, abode, habitation
piscator, piscatoris fisherman, angler
lectio, lectionis (f) lesson, lecture, reading out, perusal,
pons, pontis (m) bridge
arbor, arboris (f) tree
dolor, doloris (m) pain, sorrow, suffering, anguish, grief
mors, mortis (f) death, annihilation
tentatio, tentationis (f) temptation
libertas, libertatis (f) liberty, freedom, frank speech
civitas, civitatis (f) citizen, citizenship, state, city, town, body politic
voluntas, voluntatis (f) will, goodwill, disposition, attitude, inclination, desire
orbis, orbis (m) world, circle, sphere, orbit, region
homo, hominis man, human, person
virtus, virtutis (f) courage, virtue, bravery, strength; miracles (pl.)
urbs, urbis (f) city, Rome,
vox, vocis (f) voice
mons, montis (m) mountain
centurio, centurionis centurion
lux, lucis (f) light
panis, panis (m) bread
pax, pacis (f) peace
finis, finis (m) end, limit, boundary, border, frontier, goal
ordo, ordinis (m) order, rank, class, row, bank of oars
rex, regis king
sol, solis (m) sun
passio, passionis (f) suffering
dens, dentis (m) tooth
nox, noctis night
pes, pedis (m) foot
caritas, caritatis (f) love, charity, affection
orator, oratoris (m) speaker, orator
crux, crucis cross, crucifixion, torment
ovis, ovis (f) sheep
mater, matris mother
gens, gentis (f) clan, tribe, people, race, nation; Gentiles
dux, ducis (m) chief, leader, commander, guide
navis, navis (f) ship, vessel, galley
custos, custodis guard, keeper, sentinel
hostis, hostis (m/f) enemy; stranger, foreigner
miles, militis soldier, soldiery
senator, senatoris senator, elder
ars, artis (f) art, skill, craft
sal, salis (m) salt, sea water
canis, canis (m/f) dog, hound
fons, fontis (m) spring, fountain, well; source
lex, legis law; motion, bill, statute
nix, nivis snow
veritas, veritatis (f) truth, correctness, actuality, reality
soror, sororis sister, sister-in-law; mistress
collis, collis (m) hill, hillock, mound, high ground
mens, mentis (f) mind, understanding, opinion, thoughts
pater, patris father, pater familias
virgo, virginis virgin, maiden, young woman, hymen intact
clamor, clamoris (m) shouting, shout, cry, clamour, noise, protest, applause
ignis, ignis (m) fire, conflagration, brightness, passion
mos, moris (m) custom, manner, habit, mood, fashion, style
pars, partis (f) part, region, piece, portion, share, faction
Caesar, Caesaris Caesar
Princeps, Principis founder, proposer, leader, chief, senior sentator
aestas, aestatis (f) summer, summer heat
ianitor, ianitoris doorkeeper, porter, janitor
uxor, uxoris wife
infans, infantis (m/f) child, infant
hiems, hiemis (f) winter, cold, frost, stormy weather, rainy season
abies, abietis (f) fir tree/wood
turris, turris (f) tower, high building, palace, citadel; dove cot
Created by: Civitas