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Ptable, Comp/Mix

Elements, Atoms, Compounds, Mixtures, Scientific Method, Ptable, SI Units

What is the equation for finding the volume of a solid object? Length x Width x Height
What is quantitative information? Relating to, or involving the measurement of quantities or numbers
What's and independent variable? What is purposely manipulated in an experiment
Four planes fly the same distance and each of their times are recorded. What is the controlled variable? The Distance
What tool is used to measure volume? Graduated Cylinder
Why is it important to do research BEFORE writing a hypothesis? To make an educated guess and support it with facts
What is the SI unit for length? Meter
What is the SI unit for volume? Liter
What is the SI unit for mass? Gram
What is the SI unit for temperature? celcius
What is the controlled variable? The variable that us keep the same throughout an experiment
How many milliliters are on a meter stick? 1000
Where are electrons found in an atom? Outside of the nucleus
During an experiment, a student is able to separate a substance into its components through physical means because the components that make it up are not chemically combined. The substance is most likely a____________ Mixture (heterogeneous)
The atomic mass of an element is the_______ Number of protons and neutrons in an atom
What are the electrons in an atoms outermost shell called? Valence electrons
The atom in a molecule are held together by______ Bonds
An element is composed of only one type of _______ Atom
What atomic model do we use today when studying atoms? Bohr
Which type of mixtures can be separated by physical means? Heterogeneous mixtures
A molecule of H2SO4 contains how many atoms? Seven
How many valence electrons do halogens have? Seven
What is the chemical name for the compound CO2? Carbon Dioxide
Define a compound and give three examples Two or more elements that are chemical combined. Example: Water, carbon dioxide, salt
Why is it impossible to see molecules with the naked eye? There microscopic (to small)
Which elements are located in group 1 of the periodic table? Alkali Metals
Argon has an atomic number of 18 and a mass number of 40. How many neutrons does a typical argon atom have? Twenty two
How many electron shells does potassium have? Three
List the steps of the Scientific Method in order? Problem,Research, Hypothesis, Experiment, Collect Data, Analyze Data, Conclusion
Define quantitative and qualitative data? Quantitative data deals with number. Qualitative relates to descriptive information.
What is a physical property? A property describing an appearance
What is a chemical property? A substance observed during a reaction (chemical reaction)
Give an example of a chemical change Burning wood
Give an example of a physical change Chocolate melting
Mass is defined as_____ Amount of matter in an object
0.09mg=_____g 0.00009
Protons have a_____charge Positive
Neutrons have____charge No
Electrons have a____charge Negative
How do you find the atomic mass of an atom? Add up the amount of protons and neutrons in an atom
What is an isotope? When an atom has the same number of protons and a different number of neutrons
Mendeleev originally organized the elements according to their____ Atomic mass
Define ductile Something that can be stretched into a wire
Define fragile Something that can be easily broken
Define luster Something that is shiny,;shimmering,glossy
Define malleable Something that can be bent
Where on the periodic table can you find metalloids? On the staircase (right side)
56hm=____mm 5600000
Carbonated soft drinks are a____ Homogeneous mixture
Chocolate chip ice cream is a____ Heterogeneous mixture
Italian salad dressing is a____ Heterogeneous mixture
Beach sand is a_____ Heterogeneous mixture
Carbon dioxide is a_____ Compound
Blood is a_____ Heterogeneous mixture
Nitrogen is a_____ Element
Air is a______ Heterogeneous mixture
Elements in the same group have similar characteristics? True
Nobel gasses are very reactive? False
Sodium is in group one and period two? False
Nitrogen has five valence electrons? True
Water evaporating is what type of change? Physical
Chocolate melting is what type of change? Physical
A change that doesn't produced a new substance? Physical
The ability to see two substances separately after being mixed together? Physical
Breaking glass is what type of change? Physical
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