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Week 2 Test

Advanced Physics

A atom with different # of electrons and the same # of protons is an? ION
Minimum lead requirement for lead aprons .25mm
List the qualities of a secondary barrier Parallel to CR, 1/32 inch lead, 7feet high
what is NRCP report #116? Provides the most recent guidelines for radiation protection.
what is the total filtration for an xray tube at 7kV or above? 2.5mmAL
what is the mode used to radiograph the breast to screen for pathology Mammo
Inverse Square Law I1/I2 = (D2)2/(D1)2
TRUE OR FALSE radiation in utero increases the risk of child leukemia by 50% True
Nuclear Regulatory commission this agency has the power to enforce radiation protection standards. NRC
list 3 types of wearable radiation protection devices gloves aprons and thyroid shield
what is a point source of radiation tube> primary beam and leakage and Patient> Scatter
The ability to work energy
explain contrast and density grayscale and blackness
what is a PIC and its properties Dosimeter with an immediate read out
hardens the xray beam filtration
Maximum Permissible Dose MPD
Type of area monitor used to detect Alpha and Beta particles Proportional
what is RSO Radiation safety Officer
Exposure= mA x Time
This organization used to be called the atomic regulatory commission? NRC
This system uses a magnetic field for diagnostic exams MRI
What are "agreement states" states in an "agreement with NRC standards
Radiation control for health and safety act of 1968 what did it do? Protect the public from unnecessary radiation from electric devices.
This group evaluate humans and environmental exposure from radioactive materials and radiation producing machines UNSCEAR
Radiation Equivalent Man REM
List 5 qualities of a good radiation monitoring divice light weight reliable durable interacts like tissue and detects radioactivity
4 types of personnel radiation dosimeters filmbadge OSL TLD Pocket Dosimeter
Neg charged particle of and atom electron
EqD= Absorbed dose x Radiation (W)
somatic effect which has a random chance of occurrence after exposure is called stochastic
name 5 types of DNA damage from radiation Main Chan scission one rail, Main chain scission both rails, rung breakage, cross linking and change or base loss( POINT MUTATION)
what is a TLD and its properties most accurate dosimeter
name for electromagnetic energy radiation
what is GSD Genetically significant dose
Thickness of material that will attenuate 50% of xray beam half value layer
min requirement for lead gloves and aprons .25mmPB
The ___ -Target/___-Hit theory is best described as the response of simple cells to radiation single and single
___ is the constant in dose related to the radiosensitiviy of a specific cell Mean Lethal Dose
what is DAP Dose area product
OER dose with out oxygen/ dose with oxygen
4 stages after radiation exposure prodromal latent manifest death or recovery
__ is the result of 300-400 rads and results in the death of 50% at the population in 60 days LD 50/60
Type of radiation effect on a molecule resulting in increased viscosity crosslinking
smallest unit of matter atom
most radiosensitive cell in the human body lymphocytes
the indirect effect is caused by the radiation of ___molecules water
term for harm caused by radiation Ionization
a type of ARS which occurs at 1000RADS is the ___ GI syndrome
xray interaction when an outer shell electron is sent out of orbit with some loss of energy compton effect
first stage of radiation sickness is called prodromal stage
this agency will conduct on site inspection of xray and mammo equipment FDA
Name 2 radioresistant types of human tissue nerves and muscles
agency responsible for protection of humans and environment EPA
late somatic effects resulting in callused discolored and weathered looking skin radio-dermatitis
dose limit for pregnant radiation workers in 9month period. .5rems
process that prevents photons from reaching the target attenuation
which one of the cardinal rules is not always controlled by the tech? TIME
positive charged part of an atom proton
EfD+ radiation(W) x Tissue(W) x A dose
severe radiation damage to DNA can include__ aberrations and __ damage. Chromosome and cytogenic
an atom with different # of neutrons and the same # of protons is isotope
weighting factor of gamma and xray radiation
3 types of area radiation monitors proportional cutie pie and guieger Muller
has mass and takes up space matter
what is reproducibility and its limit variation in xray exposure not to exceed 5%
easily penetrated by xray radiolucient
what is a PBL and what is the limit of variation Positive beam limiter and 2%
another name for "soft" xrays? Grenz rays
what is TVL Tenth Value Layer
this organization is considered the international authority on radiation safety ICRP
what is SID and what is the acceptable limit for variation source to Image Distance 2%
organization functions to protect employees and a safe working environment OSHA
radiation measuring devices are called dosimeters
difficult for xray to penetrate radiopaque
what diagnostic system uses xrays and a computer to take slices of axial images CT
modality that uses a gamma camera to detect radiation Nuclear Med
diagnostic modality that uses sound waves ultrasound
what is linearity and the acceptable variance variation from one mA station to another and 10% max
OSL and its properties most cost effective dosimeter
what is the consumer -patient radiation health and safety act of 1981? set min education standards for radiation workers
groups of element in the periodic table represent elements with the same # of outer shell electrons
what dose response relationship does cataract formation have non linear threshold
stage of apparent wellness during radiation sickness latent stage
amount of radiation to cause twice the amount of response doubling dose
type of radiation effect on a molecule resulting in lower viscosity main chain scission
graphical curve that maps the observable effects of radiation exposure radiation dose response relationship
in a sine wave frequency and wavelength are___ in proportion inversely
xray interaction which causes total absorption photoelectric effect
observed cases- expected cases excessive risk
process that deposits energy into the material radiated absorption
of the 3 cardinal rules which one is most effective distance
point at which a response first occurs is called threshold
___ and ___ are 2 late stage somatic effects which are stochastic in occurrence cancer and leukemia
ionization in the air roentgen
what are 3 effects that may occur from DNA irradiation Cell Death genetic damage and malignant disease
3 types of ARS Hematologic GI CNS
TRUE OR FALSE radiation in utero does not retard growth in newborns False
___= observed cases/expected cases relative risk
cellular damage and death occurs from radiation of the ___ of a cell DNA
___ is the most common interaction of xray with human body radiolysis
a very conservation risk model concerning radiation exposure ALARA
occupational dose is measured in what units mRem
formula for cumulative life time MPD age x 1Rem
3 types of radiation in xray rooms primary scatter and leakage
Rad= radiation absorbed dose
annual MPD for a radiation tech 5Rem
Branch of science dealing with radiation safety Health Physics
Radiation induced chromosome damage is termed the ___ cytogentic effect
what is LET Linear Energy Transfer
One of the 4 contributing factors in somatic or genetic damage is the ___ of the area exposed size
3 ways patient dose is reported in skin gonadal and bone marrow
what are the two objectives of radiation protection prevent non stochastic effects and limit the risk of stochastic effects
the equation for the max # of electrons in a shell 2n(2)squared
describe protein synthesis in the cell DNA in order starting with DNA DNA--->mRNA--->tRNA--->Protein
MMD means what Mean Marrow dose
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