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BLC Inventions

Fingerprint experts tell us that two people __________ have the exact same finger print. CANNOT
People who look for solutions to problems in creative ways INVENTORS
Fingerprints are classified to be one of these three types of patterns LOOP, WHORL, ARCH
The pinnate, palmate, and parallel leaves, helps us to see the vein patterns Rubbings of leaves
The surface features of a material or object; how an object feels is TEXTURE
The process of water moving through paper WICKING
Press & Peel inventor Arthur Fry
Leaves that have one main vein and several other veins that branch off sideways; this leaf looks like a feather PINNATE
This serves to bring water and nutrients to the leaf blade LEAF VEINS
My own thumbprint is a WHORL
Chromatograph the finished product of a color record
Pigment the color in ink
Pattern how something is arranged; it can be a design or it can be a picture of an object's texture
Blade the flat part of the leaf beyond the stem
Shapes of a blade linear, cordate (heart), or deltoid (triangular)
Velcro this invention was inspired by a "bur" on a dog
Chromatography a way to separate and identify substances in a solution; used to identify things in food, drugs, blood, and air
Patent a document from the government that gives an inventor the right to be credited for an invention
Ridges the lines on your fingers that help the hand to grip
Scientific Method a method for conducting controlled experiments
White Out invention by Bette Nesmith in 1951; started in her garage, filling nail polish bottles with white paint to go over mistakes
Rubbing the act of shading over a surface to see patterns and textures that are not easily seen by our eyes
Technique a way of doing something; a method or procedure
Hypothesis an educated guess that offers an answer to a problem
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