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SSRI antidepressants

SSRI - prototype: Paroxetine others: sertraline, citalopram, escitalopam, fluoxetine, fluvoxamine. paroxetine tx: GAD, OCD, panic, social anxiety, trauma & stressor related disorders. Dissociative, depressive, or adjustment disorder. Setraline tx: panic disorder, OCD, social anxiety disorder, PTSD Escitalopram tx: GAD & OCD Fluoxetine tx: panicd
SSRI complications early A/Es: nausea, diaphoresis, tremor, fatigue, drowsiness. they will subside! later A/Es: sexual dysfunction - report to HCP others: weight gain, GI bleeding, hyponatremia, bruxism, seroto/syndrome, withdr. syndr, postl hypotsn, suicidal ideatio
SSRI contraindications/precautions paroxetine - pregnancy cat D, don't take MAOIs or a TCA avoid alcohol, caution in clients w/liver and renal dysfunction, seizure disorders, or HX of GI bleeding
SSRI interactions avoid concurrent use w/MAOIs or TCAs avoid concurrent use w/antiplatelet meds and anticoagulants which can cause increase risk for bleeding
SSRI RN administration take med w/foods take med in the morning take up to 4 weeks to achieve therapeutic effects
SSRI effectiveness client verbalize feeling less anxious and more relaxed, improved mood, sleep, & memory retrieval, participate in social and occupational interactions, cope w/manifestations & identified stressors.
Serotonin syndrome agitation, confusion, disorientation, dif. concentrating, anxiety, hallucinations, myoclonus (spatic, jerky muscle contractions), hyperrreflexia, incoordination, tremors, fever diaphoresis. Begin 2 - 72 hrs after intiation of treatment resolves when t
SSRI - bruxism griding & clenching of teeth during sleep - use mouth guard HCP might switch to a different med. can be treated w/low dose of buspirone
SSRI withdrawal syndrome nausea, sensory disturbances, anxiety, tremors, malaise, unease adv. to taper med and not to discontinue use abruptly.
Created by: gdimanche