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Using Latin I:XX

Beginning Latin

Aratrum, -i (n.) Plow
Caper, capri (m.) Goat
Chirugia, -ae (f.) Surgery
Chirugus, -i (m.) Surgeon
Derivatio, -onis (f.) Turning, or drawing off (of water)
Diaeta, -ae (f.) Diet
Elevator, -oris (m.) That which raises up; elevator
Exercitatio, -onis (f.) Exercise
Faber, fabri (m.; gen. pl. fabrum) Worker in wood, stone or metal; engineer
Falx, falcis (f.) Sickle, scythe
Forceps, -cipis (m. & f.; gen. pl. forcipium) Tongs, pincers, forceps
Fundus, -i (m.) Bottom; Farm
Guberno, -are, -avi, -atum To pilot a ship; To govern, direct
Instituo, -ere, -ui, -utum To institute, establish, determine
Irrigatio, -onis (f.) Irrigation
Jugerum, -i (n. gen. pl. jugerum) Juger (two-thirds of an acre)
Jurisprudentia, -ae (f.) Jurisprudence, the science of law
Jus, juris (n.) Law
Jus jurandum, juris jurandi (n.) Oath
Legumen, -inis (n.) Bean; Any leguminous plant
Medicamentarius, -i (m.) Druggist
Medicamentum, -i (n.) Drug
Medicus, -a, -um Of healing, medical
Mel, mellis (n.) Honey; Sweetness
Ocularis, -a, -um Of or relating to the eyes
Ovis, ovis (f.) Sheep
Palea, -ae (f.) Chaff
Paludosus, -a, -um Marshy, boggy
Peeks, pecoris (n.) Herd, cattle
Praefectus, -i (m.) Prefect, chief
Sano, -are, -avi, -atum To heal, cure
Scalpellum, -i (n.) Scalpel; Knife
Scientia, -ae (f.) Knowledge, science
Seges, -etis (f.) Crop
Sero, -ere, sevi, satum To sow, plant
Solum, -i (n.) Ground, earth
Spatula, -ae (f.) A broad piece; Spatula
Specillum, -i (n.) Surgeon's probe
Tribulum, -i (n.) Threshing machine
Ut As
Valetudinarium, -i (n.) Hospital
Ver, veris (n.) Spring (season)
primo vere In the beginning of Spring
Vulnerarius, -a, -um Of or relating to wounds
Created by: Hamilcar