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Sci Suffixes

Scientific Suffixes

aceous belonging to
aceous resembling
acusis hearing condition
ago condition
ago disease
agra severe pain
algia pain
asthenia weakness
ate substance
atresia abnormal closure
cele hernia
cele swelling
centeses puncture
chalasis relaxation
cide destroy
cide kill
cis cut
clasia break up
clasis break up
cleisis closure
crit separate
cyst bladder-like sac
desis bind
dynia pain
ectasia dilation
ectasia stretching
ectasis enlarged
ectasis expanded
ectomy remove
edema distention
edema swelling
ema distention
ema swelling
emesis vomiting
emia blood condition
er one who
esis condition
esis process
esthesia feeling
esthesia sensation
et one who
et that which
ete one who
ete that which
facient causing
fer carry
fer to bear
ferous production of
form form
form shape
genic producing
genous producing
gnosis knowing
gnosis to know
gnosy knowing
gnosy to know
gog to make flow
gogue to make flow
grade flow
grade move
grade walk
gram record
gram writing
graph recording
graph writing instrument
graphy recording
graphy writing process
ia condition
ia state
iasis condition
iasis formation
iatrics science of
iatrics study of
iatry science of
iatry study of
ician specialist
ics science of
ics study of
id related to
ism condition
ism process
ist specialist
itis infalmmation
ity property
ium place
ium structure
ize action
ize process
lapse fall
lapse sag
lapse slide
lent full of
lepsy seizure
log record
logist specialist
logy science of
logy study of
lysis break down
lysis loosen
malacia softening
mania frenzy
mania passion
megaly enlarged
mer part
mere part
meter measuring instrument
metrics science of measuring
metry measuring process
nomist specialist
nomy laws of
oid like
oma swelling
oma tumor
opsy see
opsy to view
or one who
osis condition of
paresis slight weakness
pathy disease
ped foot
pede foot
penia decrease
penia deficiency
pexy fix
pexy suspend
pheresis remove
philia craving
philia love of
phobia fear of
phoresis carrying
phoresis transmitting
phoria carrying
phoria transmitting
phyte plant
plasia development
plasia growth
plasm to form
plast to form
plasty mold
plasty shape
plegia paralysis
plexy paralysis
ploid to fold
pod foot
poeisis production of
ptosis drooping
ptosis falling
ptosis sagging
rrhage bursting forth
rrhaphy join
rrhaphy suture
rrhea flow
rrhexis breaking
rrhexis bursting
schisis dividing
schisis splitting
scope instrument used to observe
scope instrument used to see
scope look
scope observe
scopy examination process
sect cut
section cut
septic infected
some body
spasm sudden contraction
stalsis compression
stalsis contraction
stasis standstill
stasis stopping
stat control
stat to stop
static standstill
static stopping
stenosis narrowing
stenosis tightening
stomy create an opening
ter means of
ter place for
therapy treatment
tion action
tion process
tome cutting instrument
tome slice
tome to cut
tomy incision
tonia stretching
tonia tension
tope place
tope position
toxic poisonous
tripsy crush
trophy development
trophy growth
tropin affinity for
type classification
type picture
uria urine condition
y nature
y quality of
zoa animal
zoan animal
in chemical substance
ine chemical substance
ide binary compound
ase enzyme
ose sugar
ol oil
ole oil
ous lower oxidation state
ite salt
ite mineral
ergy work
lith stone
lith rock
cline slope
cline incline
adjective endings / pertaining to ac, al, ant, ar, ary, ative, eal, ic, ical, id, ous, tic, ular, y
diminutive endings / small cle, cule, culum, ium, ole, ula, ule
plural endings a, ax, ex, is, ium, ix, on, um, us, y
plural -a- ae
plural - ax- aces
plural - ex- ices
plural - is- es
plural - ium- ia
plural - ix- ices
plural -on- a
plural -um- a
plural -us- i
plural -y- ies
study of / science of - iatrics, iatry, ics, logy
specialist - ician, ist, logist, nomist
one who - er, et, ete, or
condition - ago, esis, ia, iasis, ism, osis
process - esis, ism, ize, tion
swelling - cele, oma, edema, ema
cut - sect, section, cis
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