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Sci Prefixes

Scientific Prefix

a not
a without
ab away from
ac toward
acanth spiny
acanth thorny
acid low PH
acoust sound
acro height
acro tip
actino having rays
acu severe
acu sharp
acu sudden
acut severe
acut sharp
acut sudden
ad toward
aero air
af toward
ag toward
agro field
agro soil
ala wing
albi white
algi algae
alkal high PH
allelo relating to another
aller other action
allo different
allo other
ambi both
ambly dull
ambly lazy
amphi both
amphi double
amyl starch
an not
an without
ana heightened
ana up
andro male
anklyo crooked
ankylo bent
ante before
antho flower
anthro human
anti against
ap toward
apo derive from
apo separate from
aqua water
arachn spider
arche first
arche primitive
arthro joint
as toward
asco bag
asco sac
aster star
astro star
at toward
atmo steam
atmo vapor
auri gold
auto self
aux growth
aux increase
avi bird
avi flight
azo nitrogen
azot nitrogen
bacteri small rod
bar pressure
bar weight
bary heavy
basi base
basidio club
basidio pedestal
baso high PH
bath deep
bath depth
bi two
bin two
bio life
blast embryo
blast precursor
blast sprout
botani of herbs
botani plants
brachi arm
brady slow
bromo bromine
cac bad
cac ill
calci calcium
carb carbon
carp fruit
cata down
cata lower
cata under
cath lower
cath under
caud tail
cell cell
cellul cell
centro in the center
cephal head
cero wax
chemo chemical
chiro hand
chloro chlorine
chloro chlorine
chloro green
chromato color
chromo color
chron time
chryso gold
chyma juice
circ about
circ around
circ circle
circ circular
circul circle
circul circular
circum about
circum around
cirrho yellow
clast break
clast fragment
cleisto closed
clino bed
clino incline
co together
co with
cocco spherical
coelo cavity
coelo hollow
coeno common
coeno new
conidi dust
conidi spore
contra against
cryo cold
cupri copper
cyano dark blue
cyclo circular
cyte cell
cyte small vessell
de away from
de removal
deca ten
dendro branching
dendro tree like
deuter second
dextra right
dextra to the right
di two
dia complete
dia through
diplo two-fold
dipso thirsty
dis not
dorsa back
dorsa posterior
dura hard
dyna force
dyna power
dynam force
dynam power
dys bad
dys difficult
echo sound
eco home
eco house
ecto outside of
ef out
ef out from
electro electric
em inside
em within
en within
en inside
endo inside
endo within
entom insect
eosine red-orange
epi upon
equi equal
erg work
erythro red
ethno culture
ethno society
eu easy
eu good
eu healthy
eu true
ex out
ex out from
extra beyond
extra outside
fer carry
fer to bear
ferro iron
flag whip
flav yellow
flori flower
fluor fluorine
fore before
fore in front of
fract break
fuco seaweed
galact milk
gam marriage
gam wife
gamet marriage
gamet wife
gastro stomach
gelat colloid
gelat congeal
gen beginning
gen cause
gen original
gen produce
gen to originate
geo earth
glauc gray
gluc sugar
glyc sugar
gono procreation
graph writing
gravi gravity
gymno naked
gymno uncovered
gyne female
gynec female
gyr round
gyr spiral
halo halogen
halo salt
haplo simple
haplo single
heli spiral
heli sun
hemi half
hepta seven
herb plants
hetero different
hexa six
histo tissue
holo complete
holo whole
homeo similar
homeo unchanged
homo alike
homo same
hyal glassy
hydro fluid
hydro water
hygro wet
hyper above
hyper over
hypo below
hypo lower
hypo under
hypso high
hypso tall
ichthy fish
ideo peculiar
ideo personal
in not
in into
infra beneath
inter between
intra within
iso alike
iso equal
juxta adjoining
juxta near to
kali potassium
karyo nucleus
kine motion
kinet mothin
lact milk
lam plate
later to the side
lepto slender
lepto slight
lepto thin
leuco white
leuko white
levo left
limn fresh water
lip fat
loc place
loph ridge
loph tuft
macro large
magneto magnetic
magni great
magni large
mal bad
mal poor
mano pressure
max great size
medi middle
mega abnormally large
mega enlarged
megalo abnormally large
megalo enlarged
meio to make smaller
melano black
mero part
meso middle
meta beyond
meta change
meta metamorphic rock
micro small
mini smaller than useal
mis hatred of
mito thread
mono one
morpho shape
muco mucus
multi many
mycete fungus
myco fungus
myxo mucus
myxo slime
natr sodium
neo new
neo recent
nigro black
nitro nitrogen
noct night
nod knot
non not
nona nine
nuc nucleus
nucle nucleus
nulli never
nulli none
nyct night
ob inverse
ob opposite of normal
oc inverse
octo eight
odont tooth
ole oil
oligo few
oligo little
oligo small amount
omni all
oo egg
ornith bird
ortho normal
ortho straight
ortho upright
ov egg
oxi oxygen
oxy oxygen
oxy quick
oxy sharp
pachy thick
paleo ancient
paleo old
pali again
palin again
pan all
papt digest
para along side of
para beside
para rock derived from original sediment
path disease
ped soil
penta five
peps digest
per complete
per through
peri around
petr rock
petr stone
phaeo brown
phag eat
phag ingest
pharm drug
pharm medicine
pharmac drug
pharmac medicine
phen display
phen show
phon sound
phospho phosphorus
phot light
phychro cold
phyco seaweed
phyllo leaf
phylo race
phylo tribe
physio nature
phyto plant
piezo pressure
pino to drink
plagio oblique
plan flat
plan motile
plan planar
plan wandering
plasm to form
plast to form
platy broad
platy flat
pleio more than one
pleo more than one
pod foot
pod leg
poikilo irregular
poikilo variegated
poli gray
poly many
post after
pre before
pre in front of
prim first
pro before
pro before
pro first
pro in front of
proto before
proto earliest
proto first
proto in front of
pseudo false
psych mind
pter fin
pter wing
pyro fire
pyro heat
quadri four
quasi almost
quasi seemingly
quint five
radio energy
radio radiant
re again
rect right
rect straight
retro backward
rheo flow
rhiz root
rhodo red
rube red
sacchar sugar
sapro rotten
schisto divided
schisto split
schizo divided
schizo split
scler hard
scoto darkness
seleno moon
semi half
sept fence
sept barrier
septi infected
septi rotten
ser clear fluid
set bristle
sext six
sidero iron
sidero star
sinistro left
sinistro to the left
sipho pipe
sipho tube
soma body
somat body
son sound
sperm plant
sperm to sow
spermat plant
spermat to sow
spher round
spor seed
sta standing still
sta steady
stann tin
stat standing still
stat steady
steno constricted
steno narrow
stere 3-dimensional
stere solid
stoma mouth
stomat mouth
strato layer
stylo column
stylo pole
sub below
suf below
sulf sulfur
sup below
super above
super excess
supra above
sym together
sym with
syn together
syn with
synchron at same time
tachy fast
tauto same
taxo arrange
taxo order
taxo ordered arrangement
tect covering
tect roof
tect thet which is bulit
tele complete
tele distant
tele end
tele far
telo complete
telo complete
telo distant
telo end
telo end
telo far
telo final
terra land
tetra four
thallaso ocean
thallaso seaweed
thallo branch
thallo shoot
thallo sprout
theca capsule
theca sheath
thermo heat
thermo hot
thio sulfur
topo place
topo position
toxic poison
trans across
trans through
tri three
tropho growth
tropho nutrition
tropo turn toward
ultra beyond
ultra extreme
un not
uni one
ur urine
ur nitrogen
uro tail
ventra front
vitr glassy
vivi alive
vivi life
vivo alive
vivo life
wort plant
xanthro yellow
xeno foreign
xeno strange
xero dry
xylo wood
zoo animal
zygo connected
zygo joined
zygo paired
zygo yoked
zymo enzyme
zymo fermentation
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