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Using Latin I:XIX

Beginning Latin

Alacritas, -atis (f.) Alacrity, eagerness; Activity
Altitudo, -inis (f.) Height; Depth
Amicitia, -ae (f.) Friendship
Angustiae, -arum (f. pl.) Narrows
Balteus, -i (m.) Belt, sword belt
Centurio, centurionis (m.) Centurion
Civitas, -atis (f.) The state, state
Crudelitas, -atis (f.) Cruelty
Cupiditas, -atis (f.) Desire
Cura. -ae (f.) Care, anxiety
Gratia, -ae (f.) Favor, gratitude
Gratias agere (+dat.) To thank
Magnitudo, -inis (f.) Greatness, size, magnitude
Natio, -onis (f.) Nation, tribe
Rumor, -oris (m.) Rumor
Superbia, -ae (f.) Pride, haughtiness
Telum, -i (n.) Weapon
Testamentum, -i (n.) Testament, will
Vigilia, -ae (f.) Watch (one fourth of the night)
Virtus, -utis (f.) Manliness, bravery, courage, valor
Vulnus, vulneris (n.) a wound
Communis, -e Common, in common
Decimus, -a, -um Tenth
Difficilis, -e Difficult, hard
Dissimilis, -e Unlike
Facilis, -e Easy
Humilis, -e Low
Incredibilis, -e Incredible
Ingens, gen. ingentis Huge
Odiosus, -a, -um Odious, hateful
Quartus, -a, -um Fourth
Similis, -e Like, similar
Ultimus, -a, -um Last
Uterque, Utraque, Utrumque Each (of two), both
Veteranus, -a, -um Veteran, old
Created by: Hamilcar



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