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science final review

fall semester

define mass what is the unit for mass amount of matter in an object grams
define volume what is the unit for volume amount of mass in a given space ML
define density what is the unit for density an objects ability to sink or float g/ml or g/cm3
how do you find the volume of an irregular shaped idem? displacement
what is the formula to find volume mass divided by density
what is the formula to find density mass divided by volume
what is the formula to find mass density times volume
what is a safe way to sell something in a lab wafting
when should you wear safety goggles when working with heat,chemicals,fire,and glass
define independent variable
define controlled variable
define dependent variable
elements in the same group have what in common # of valance electrons (react chemically simular)
elements in the same period have what in common # of electron shells
what is the charge of a proton positive
what is the charge of a neutron negative
what is the charge of an electron non or neutral
mass is ------ middle
what is the large number in front of am element called coefficient
what is the small number after an element called subscript
define compound element
define element
define chemical change
lidt the 6 evidences that a chemical change has occurred 1.unexpected color change 2.gas produced 3.odor produced 4.solid precipitate formed 5.light produced 6.tempature change
what die the law of conservation of mass state nothing is ever created or destroyed only changed
define observation statement using your 5 senses
define inference conclusion based on your observation
define hypothisis statement about what you think will happen
what is the main rule when creating a hypothesis making sure it is an if then statement
what is the formula for speed distance divided by time
what is the formula for distance speed times time
what is the formula for time distance divided by speed
what is the formula for force acceleration times mass
what is the formula for acceleration force divided by mass
what i the formula for mass force divided by acceleration
when conculating acceleration what unit do you use m/s2
define balanced force
define unbalanced force
What is newtons first law
what is newtons 2nd law
what is newtons 3rd law
Created by: Emme07