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Human Geo

Ch. 8

How many states are there? Nearly 200.
What is a synonym for state? Subdivision.
What are 2 states not represented at the U.N? Kosovo and Taiwan
Define City-State Sovereign sate that comprises a town and the surrounding countryside.
What delineate City-State boundaries? Walls
As one City-State took over another City-Sate they formed what? Empire
List in order of the 4 in Mesopotamia 1. Sumerians. 2. Assyrians. 3. Babylonians. 4. Persians.
In Europe when (or through who) did political unity reach its height? Roman empire
With its collapse; people were forced to live on a ____ and work for ____ 1. Estate. 2. Nobility This is in the middle ages
define self-determination Right to govern themselves within sovereign states.
define Nation-State State whose territory corresponds to that occupied by a particular ethnicity that has been transformed into a nationality.
What is an example of a Nation-State? Denmark.
Who wanted all German speaking parts in one state? Nazis.
define multinational state Contains 2 or more ethnic groups with traditions of self-determination.
Is Korea 1 state, or 2? Explain 2 states but 1 nation- North Korea decided to build nuclear weapons
Is western Sahara a state? Explain yes, Morocco has claimed the territory but Western Sahara doesn't want to become apart of Morocco
Who claims Antarctica? Argentina, Australia, Chile, France, New Zealand, Norway, and the UK. They can have research stations but no military activities.
How far out are territorial waters? 12 nautical miles.
How far out is a state exclusive economic zone? 200 nautical miles.
Define colonialism Effort of a county to establish settlements in a territory and to impose its political, economic, and culture principles on that territory.
What are 3 reasons for colonialism? 1.Gold- resources 2. Glory- prestige 3. God- Christians
Who colonialism the most? Britain- UK
Who colonialism the 2nd most? France
What are 3 colonies does the US have? 1.Puerto Rico 2.Virgin Islands 3. Navassa
Name the 5 basic shapes of states and give 2 examples of each. 1. Compact- Burundi, and Kenya 2. Prorupted- Congo, and Namibia 3. Elongated- Gambia, and Malawi 4. Fragmented- Tanzania, and Angola 5. Perforated- Lesotho, and Swaziland
What are the 3 main types of physical boundaries? 1. Desert Boundaries. 2. Mountain Boundaries. 3. Water Boundaries.
What are the 2 main types of cultural boundaries? What are examples of each? 1. Geometric Boundaries- Lake of the woods. 2. Ethnic Boundaries- Greek and Turkish Cyprus.
define Frontier Zone where no state exercises complete political control.
States have what 2 types of government? 1. National Government . 2. Local Government .
define autocracy Country that runs accordingly to the interests of the ruler rather than the people.
define anocracy Country that's not fully democratic or fully autocracy, but displays a mix of the 2 types.
Why is the world becoming more democratic? 1. Individual rights and liberties 2. widening of policy making to all citizens 3. diffusion of democratic government structures created in Europe and North America to other regions of the world
define unitary state Allocates most power to the national government and local government have relatively few powers.
define federal state Strong power allocates to units of local government within the country.
what is Gerrymandering? Redrawing legislative boundaries for the purpose of benefitting the party.
Who is Gerrymandering named after? Elbridge Gerry.
Explain "Wasted vote" Spreads oppositions supports across many districts as a minority.
explain "Excess vote" Concentrated oppositions supporters into a few districts.
Explain "Stacked vote" Links distant areas of the like-minded voters through oddly shaped boundaries.
Does Iowa gerrymander? No.
Name 2 historical military alliances between states 1. North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). 2. Warsaw pact.
Name 2 historical economic alliances between states 1. European Union 2. Council for mutual Economic Assistance (COMECON)
Besides 9/11, what are 3 other terrorist attacks? 1. February 26th, 1993 2. April 19, 1995 3. October 12, 2000
Centralization Vs. localization means what? The world is getting smaller
what are the 10 largest states? 1. Russia 2. Canada 3. China 4. US 5. Brazil 6. Australia 7. India 8. Argentina 9. Kazakhstan 10. Algeria
What are the 5 smallest states (Microstates)? 1. Vatican city 2. Monaco 3. Nauru 4. Tuvalu 5. San Mario
What is an Example of a Multinational state? The US
What is a problem with multinational states? One nationally tries to dominate another
What is an example of a problem with multinational states? The USSR
How can you claim Antarctica? based on longitude is how much land you can get
What is an example of a nation-state? Japan
A country is spelled how? state (Lower case s)
A state in the US is spelled how? State (Upper case S)
A state is what? A country
L.O.S.T stands for what? Law of the sea treaty
How far out are international waters? 12+ nautical miles
Are normal miles or nautical miles bigger? Nautical miles
What is the midline principal? if 2 countries are less than 200 nautical miles apart, they spilt the distance in half.
How do states expand claims? States must map shelf
What does LOST say about land-locked countries? They can have a chunk of in-claimed international waters
What is LOST? A hostile world government for the oceans, international taxes, high costs for America sovereignty, security, and society.
Define enclaves A country that is completely surrounded by another country
What is a disadvantage and a advantage of a compact state? A- easier to defend boarders and political control D- only 1 climate, so you can only have certain crops
What is a disadvantage and a advantage of a prorupted state? A- they have a coast line D- easy to cut off a part of the country
What is a disadvantage and a advantage of a elongated state? A- coat line and mult. climate's D- less unified and harder to defend boarders
What is a disadvantage and a advantage of a Fragment state? A- hard to take over all of the islands D- unity is hard to maintain
What is a disadvantage and a advantage of a Perforated state? A- Control D- traveling and ethnic groups are different
define boundary vertical plane that cuts through the rocks below and the airspace above, dividing one state from another.
What is an example of a water boundary? The Mississippi River
Straight boundary lines are normal what? Geometric
Stacked votes are a kind of what? Gerrymandering
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