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Biology 1 Lab Final Questions

If you had an active DNA strand of CCCGTGATATCT what would the mRNA it made look like? GGGCACUAUAGA
The different variations or forms of a gene are called: alleles
The section of DNA that codes for a particular trait is called a: gene
The sequence of three nitrogen bases on the mRNA is called the: codon
When a genotype has two recessive genes we say it is: Homozygous recessive
A sudden change in the DNA of a cell due to something like radiation is called a/an: mutation
Humans have ____ chromosomes in their sex cells? 23
The compound we used to make the DNA of the cells from your cheeks coil up and become visible was the: cold ethanol
The correct term for the process by which a sperm and an egg are produced is called: meiosis
The correct term for the process by which RNA makes a polypeptide is: translation
Since a bird and a bat wing have the same basic structure and arise from the same embryonic origins, they are said to be examples of: homology
The genotype or genotypes that will be expressed when it is/they are present in the homozygous state is/are the: dominant and recessive
Functions of the skeletal system in humans include: support, blood cell production, protection of vital organs, and filtration of blood
The blood type phenotype that has two possible genotypes is/are: A and B
What is the only genotype you KNOW based upon just observing the phenotype? homozygous recessive
The diagram or photograph of a person's complete set of chromosomes is called their: karyotype
The vertebrate that are fused together are the ___________ vertebrate: sacral
The "collarbone" is the common name for the: clavicle
If similarities between structures are functional only and not structural we said they are examples of: analogy
An organism's niche is its: role in the community
The type of tooth that a carnivore has that an herbivore does not is the: canines
Animals that eat deer and bunny rabbits are examples of: secondary consumers
When changes occur in a group of organisms so that they can no longer reproduce with the original group it is best called: macroevolution
In last week's film, the cause of the problem discussed in the first segment about Venezuela was due specifically to: flooding due to the building of a large dam
The maximum rate of reproduction a species is capable of is called the: environmental load
The amount of deaths in a population over a given period of time is called its __________ rate: mortality
The area that an organism occupies in the environment is its: habitat
In our Alaskan scenario, the top level consumer was the: orca
The lowest, starting group of a food web would be the: producers
The carrying capacity is the: the maximum number of organisms that an area can support
In the kelp forest the sea otter served as a: predator and keystone species
The abiotic factor that changed causing the breakdown in the ocean off Alaska we discussed last week was: temperature
The organism that causes a disease is called the: pathogen
Our body's receptors: detect external stimuli, detect internal stimuli, help us maintain homeostasis, and are usually tonic receptors, having a constant activity rate
The maximum number of individuals of a certain species an area can sustain is called its: carrying capacity
The steepest part of the growth curve is the: exponential phase
Smell and touch are the types of receptors that can result in sensory adaptation. We call these ________ receptors. phasic receptors
AIDS is a sexually transmitted disease caused by a(n): virus
The type of disease that is associated with microbes being passed from host to host is: contagious
The current world population is closes to: 7 billion
A person who has the virus but does not show symptoms of the disease is known as a: asymptomatic carrier
The complex relationship showing "who eats who" in an ecosystem is called a(n): food web
Chemoreceptors are used in our body in the: nose and mouth
The skin contains specific receptors for: pain, touch/pressure, heat, and cold
The shiny layer of the sheep's eye that humans do not have is the: tapetum lucidum
The part/s of the brain that is not visible unless you cut it in half is/are the: thalamus and hypothalamus
The taste sensations that we tested your tongue for last week were: bitter, salty, sweet, and sour
The blind spot is where: The optical nerve exits the eye, and the light does not fall onto any receptors
Created by: DoLLfinLaFF
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