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Test flashcards

Subscript Little numbers in the equation. Cant change
Coefficient The big number in the equation. You can change them and the number goes all the way through it
What side is the reactant side? Before the arrow
What side is the product side? After the arrow
What is a balanced equation? If both sides of the arrow are even then its a balanced equation
Where are Protons found? Nucleus
What type of charge does proton have? Positive
How much does a proton weigh? 1 amu
Where are neutrons found? In the nucleus
What type of charge does a neutron have? No charge
How much does a neutron weigh 1 amu
Where is a electron found? In the outer ring
What is the charge of a electron? Negative
Where do you find the number of protons a element has? The atomic number
Where do you find the number of electrons a element has? The atomic mass
Where do you find the number of neutrons a element has? You subtract the atomic mass and the atomic number
What is a compound? One or more elements chemically combined that cant be separated easily
What is a mixture? One or more elements that are physically combined and I can be seperated
Hetero Different textures
examples of hetero Rocky road ice cream, Sand, Chunky peanut butter
Homo Same texture through the whole substance
Examples of homo vanilla ice cream, smooth peanut butter
What does the periodic table do? Arranges elements by rows and columns using their atomic number and atomic mass
what is a element? A Element is known as the building blocks of matter and also the most pure type of substance and cant be broken down anymore
What do rows show you? How many orbits are in a bohr model
What way do rows go? Horizontal
What are periods used for? Luise Dot modsels
What way do columns go? Vertical
For a element symbol if it is one letter that letter is... Uppercase
fFor a element symbol that is two letters what is the first letter? Uppercase
For a element symbol that is two letters what is the second letter? Lowercase
What can you do with a physical change that you cant do with a chemical change? You can put physical changes back together and it only changes the form of the object
What can you do with a chemical change that you cant do with a physical change? You cant put any chemical changes back together
What do all phase changes have in common? They are all Physical changes
What are three main parts of the periodic table? metals, metalloids and non- metals
How much does a electron weigh? 1/8000
What does a chemical reaction tell? a story
reactants the starting substances in the reactions
products new substances formed
law of conservation of matter he numbers on each side of the equal sign has tp be equal
matter cant be ___________________ or ___________________________ created and destroyed
When using a red litmus paper if a acid touches it... it turns blue
when blue litmus paper touches a acid touches it... turns red
7 on litmus paper is nuetral
1-6 on litmas paper is a acid
8-14 on a litmas paper is a base
solute substance disolved
solvent does the desolving
How large is the pH scale 0-14
bases bitter and slippery
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