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NRTC pharm ch 20

Where are Gonadotropic hormones produced? Pituitary Gland
What are the female sex hormones? estrogen and progestins
What are the male sex hormones? testosterone
What is the longest you should be on HRT? 3-5 years
What are the biggest side effects of all female hormones Bleeding, Blood clots, breast cancer
When taking an estrogen or progestin replacement what increases your risk for a thromboembolic event older than 35 and smoking
If you are taking estrogen or progestins post menopausal when should you call your doctor if you have any vaginal bleeding
When do you not need to take progestins when you have had your uterus removed
What are some signs of a thromboembolic event swelling or redness in your legs, SOB, angina, HA,
What should you check for before beginning any hormonal contraceptive Check for pregnancy
When should you take an oral contraceptive the same time every day
Should you stop taking your birth control all together if you miss a pill No take the missed pill with your next dose
When should you not give testosterone when the pt as prostate cancer
When would a women be given testosterone for post-menopausal breast cancer
what is the function of finasteride decreases the size of the prostate
Other than BPH what can finasteride be used for male pattern baldness
how long does it take for finasteride to become effective 6 months
Who should never touch finasteride pregnant women
Which medication relaxes smooth muscle of the bladder tamulosin
What medications should you avoid using while taking tamulosin antihypertensives and nitroglycerins
Sildenafil can cause fatal hypotension when mixed with? Nitroglycerines
What is the most effective diuretic Loop Diuretics
What are the side effects of furosemide dehydration, hypotension, hypokalemia, ototoxicity
When should you take diuretics the morning
What diuretic can you take even if you have impaired kidney functions furosemide
Which Diuretic is used to treat moderated HTN Thiazide diuretics
When can you not use a thiazide diuretic when the renal function is impaired
Which electrolyte is your priority to monitor when on a diuretic K+
Why do you want to watch for signs of digoxin toxicity when on a diuretic because a side effect of a diuretic is hypokalemia which can lead to digoxin toxicity
On which diuretic should you avoid salt substitutes Spironolactone
What med can be given if hyperkalemia occurs insulin
What is the therapeutic use of osmotic diuretics decrease intracranial pressure
What is your main education when taking bethanechol stay close to the bath room
What medication helps with urinary incontinence oxybutynin
desmopressin is used for bed wetting.
Created by: tashaann