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NRTC Pharm 3-5

3-5 Pharm Review

List the 6 rights of med administration Right pt, drug, dose, time, route, documentation
How many times should the medication label be checked? 3
Who are medications adjusted for? children, elderly, liver & kidney dx
Injection site for infants/small children vastus lateralis
Can gender affect the metabolism of meds? Yes men metabolize meds quicker
What is an environmental factor affecting med admin? smoking
teratogenic is? meds that cause malformation/death during pregnancy
When should you ask a pt about allergies? before med admin
s/s of anaphylaxis itching, wheezing, anxiety, light-headedness, edema to face/neck
Work injuries that require more than 1st aid get reported to who? OSHA
What does the FDA do? approves drugs when the benefits outweight the risks
the DEA regulates the manufacture and distribution of narcotics, stimulants, depressants, hallucinogens, anabolic steriods
who decides what schedule a drug will fall under DEA
Schedule I highly addictive, no accepted medical use, illegal
Schedule II high potential for addiction, written prescription required, 0 refills
Schedule III moderately addicting, 5 refills n 6 months, prescription reguired
Schedule IV low abuse potenial, prescription required, 5 refills n 6 months, fax /phone orders permitted
Schedule V lowest abuse potential, OTC in some states require signature and ID
How should controlled substances be kept? double locked cabinet, inventory log maintained & checked daily, records kept for 2 yrs, if lost or stolen fill out DEA form 106
list 3 signs of possible substance abuse in a coworker frequently late/absent making mistakes, documents poorly, irritable/defensive, difficult to work with, disheveled, smelly, slurred speech, etc
What are standing orders? orders used in specific circumstances that routinely occur
medication labels must include Pharmacy name, address & phone number, dispensing date, Rx #, Pts full name and address
Created by: Mbaldwin15