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Science Review

Review for science CBA

What type of energy does a candle produce? Light and Thermal
Solubility is ____________________. It's the ability of a substance to dissolve in water.
An kitchen stove transforms _______________ to thermal energy. Electricity
True or False: Color, volume, taste and shape are all physical properties of matter. True ( Also, temperature, state of matter, magnetism, solubility, density, etc)
What purpose does a filter serve to separate a mixture? It separates substances that don't dissolve like sand, pepper, and iron filings.
Why does oil float on water? Oil is less dense than water.
What is a hypothesis? A hypothesis is a prediction before experimenting.
What is an independent variable? An independent variable is the one thing that changes in an experiment.
A procedure is __________________. the step by step instructions on how to do an experiment.
What does a conductor of energy do? It allows the energy to pass through.
What are good conductors of heat? metals: foil, copper, steel sometimes glass
What are good conductors of electricity? metals: paper clips, nails, screws, nuts & bolts, coins, foil, etc.
True or False: All metals are magnetic. False
What metals are magnetic? Iron, Nickel, Cobalt, Steel (it has iron)
How can you separate salt from water once it is dissolved? Boil water or let it sit so that water can evaporate and leave the salt behind.
What are good insulators of energy? Wood, plastic, cloth, wool, rubber
When water is heated, it turns into water vapors. This process is called __________. Evaporation
Water droplets begin to cool and stick together to form clouds or fog. This also happens when water droplets stick to a window. This is called ___________________. Condensation
Dew is an example of ________________. Condensation
A fan turns on with the use of electricity. What type of energy is produced once the fan turns on? Mechanical energy
A piece of cork floats over water. It is said to be ____ ____ than water. less dense
Oil is ___ ___ than water. less dense
A paper clip and a penny are ___ ___ than water because they sink. more dense or denser
Oil does not mix well with water therefore maintaining its _______ _______. physical properties
Does a cup with a cold drinks actually "sweat"? What happens? NO, the warmer air outside the cup cools and sticks to the outer part of the cup holding the cold drink as it condenses.
Created by: sonnyamosqueda