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huanying 2 unit 1

中文二 unit-1

a structural particle
直飞 fly directly ; direct fly
飞机 airplane
动车 high-speed bullet train
fast ; rapid
航班 flight
清楚 clear
游泳 swim
机场 airport
航空公司 airline
一路平安 Have a nice trip!
着急 worry ; anxious
专线 designated route
have to ; must
地铁 subway
路上 on the way ; on the road
至少 at least
线 line ; route
stop ; station ; stand
交通 traffic
出租车 taxi
一样 the same ; equally
信息 information ; news
晚点 delayed ; behind schedule
到达 arrive
出口 exit
towards ; in the direction of
好像 seems like ; seems as if
anxious ; worried
多久 how long
跑道 runway
起飞 (of a plane) take off
行李 baggage
take ; carry
比较 comparison; compare
不错 not bad ; pretty good
医院 hospital
作家 writer
小说 novel
打字 type (on the keyboard or computer)
illness ; become ill
look for
奇怪 strange ; odd
侦探 detective
博物馆 museum
广场 plaza ; public square
roam ; stroll
看到 see
街口 crossroad ; intersection
公共汽车 public bus
白天 daytime
可能 perhaps ; probably ; maybe
找到 find
感觉 feel ; think
become ; change into
自行车 bicycle
Created by: ashleychung
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