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Chapters 31-39

Wheelock's Latin Vocabulary - Chapters 31-39

mulier woman mulieris, f.
transitus passing over, transit; transition transitus, m.
ventus wind venti, m.
cupidus, a, um desirous, eager, fond; for + gen. adjective
liberalis, -e of or relating to a free person; worthy of a free man, decent, liberal; generous adjective
necesse necessary adjective
necesse est it is necessary to + inf. phrase
vetus, veteris old adjective
quasi as if, as it were conjunction or adverb
ambulo to walk ambulare, ambulavi, ambulatum
experior to try, test; experience experiri, expertus sum
libo to pour a libation of, on; pour ritually; sip; touch gently libare, libavi, libatum
oportet it is proper, right, necessary oportere, oportuit
oppugno to fight against, attack, assault, assail oppugnare, oppugnavi, oppugnatum
orno to equip, furnish, adorn ornare, ornavi, ornatum
pernocto to spend or occupy the night pernoctare, pernoctavi, pernoctatum
transeo to go across, cross; pass over, ignore transire, transii, transitum
aedificium building, structure aedificii, n.
dignitas merit, prestige, dignity dignitatis, f.
dolor pain, grief doloris, m.
odium hatred odii, n.
opus a work, task; deed, accomplishment operis, n.
oratio speech orationis, f.
pes lower leg, foot pedis, m.
sator sower, planter; begetter, father; founder satoris, m.
firmus, a, um firm, strong; reliable adjective
infirmus, a, um not strong, weak, feeble adjective
mirabilis, -e amazing, wondrous, remarkable adjective
pristinus, a, um ancient; former, previous adjective
sublimis, -e elevated, lofty; heroic, noble adjective
etsi even if, although conjunction
erga toward prep. + acc.
libenter with pleasure, gladly adverb
impedio to impede, hinder, prevent impedire, impedivi, impeditum
metuo to fear, dread; be afraid for + dat. metuere, metui, --------
queror to complain, lament queri, questus sum
recognosco to recognize, recollect recognoscere, recognovi, recognitum
suspendo to hang up, suspend; interrupt suspendere, suspendi, suspensum
vendo to sell vendere, vendidi, venditum
arbor tree arboris, f.
domus house, home domus, f.
humus ground, earth; soil humi, f.
iter journey; road, route itineris, n.
rus the country, countryside ruris, n.
Syracusae Syracuse Syracusarum, f.
absens, absentis absent, away adj.
gratus, a, um pleasing; grateful adj.
idoneus, -a, -um suitable, fit, appropriate adj.
immotus, a, um unmoved; unchanged; unrelenting adj.
foris out of doors, outside adv.
eo to go ire, ii, itum
abeo to go away, depart, leave abire, abii, abitum
adeo to go towards, approach adire, adii, aditum
exeo to go out, exit exire, exii, exitum
ineo to go in, enter; enter into, begin inire, inii, initum
obeo to go up against, meet; die obire, obii, obitum
pereo to pass away, be destroyed perire, perii, peritum
redeo to return, go back redire, redii, reditum
interficio to kill, murder interficere, interfeci, interfectum
licet it is permitted; one may licere, licuit
peregrinor to travel abroad, wander peregrinari, peregrinatus sum
requiesco to rest requiescere, requievi, requietum
soleo to be accustomed solere, solitus sum
Athenae Athens Athenarum,
lector reader (male) lectoris, m.
lectrix reader (female) lectricis, f.
vinculum bond, chain, fetter vinculi, n.
cotidie daily adv.
fortasse perhaps adv.
accedo to approach, come to accedere, accessi, accessum
carpo to harvest, pluck; seize carpere, carpsi, carptum
cogo to drive together, bring together, force, comel cogere, coegi, coactum
contemno to despise, scorn contemnere, contempsi, contemptum
contundo to beat, crush, bruise, destroy contundere, contudi, contusum
curo to care for, attend to; heal cure; take care curare, curavi, curatum
decerno to decide, settle, decree decernere, decrevi, decretum
exigo to drive out, force out; drive through, complete, perfect exigere, exegi, exactum
fio to occur, happen; become; be done fieri, factus sum
oblecto to please, amuse, delight; pass time pleasantly oblectare, oblectavi, oblectatum
oro to speak, plead; beg, beseech, pray orare, oravi, oratum
recreo to restore, revive; refresh, cheer recreare, recreavi, recreatum
requiro to seek, ask for; miss, need, require requirere, requisivi, requisitum
sereno to make clear, brighten; cheer up, soothe serenare, serenavi, serenatum
cupido desire, passion cupidinis, f.
aetas summer aetatis, f.
ianua door -ae, f.
pectus breast, heart pectoris, n.
praemium reward, prize -i, n.
iratus, a, um angry adjective
antepono to prefer -ponere, -posui, -positum
foveo to comfort, cherish fovere, fovi, fotum
ignosco to forgive ignoscere, ignovi, ignotum + dat.
impero to order (1) + dat.
miror to marvel at, admire mirari, miratus sum
noceo to do harm to nocere, nocui, nocitum + dat.
nubo to veil; + dat. marry nubere, nupsi, nuptum
parco to spare parcere, peperci, parsurum + dat.
pareo to obey parere, parui + dat.
persuadeo to persuade -suadere, -suasi, -suasum + dat.
placeo to be pleasing to placere, placui, placitum + dat.
sapio to have good taste, be wise sapere, sapivi
servio to serve servire, servivi, servitum + dat.
studeo to study, be eager for studere, studui + dat.
subrideo to smile down upon -ridere, -risi, -risum
anima air animae, f.
remissio release, relaxation remissionis, f.
vox voice, word vocis, f.
adversus, a, um opposite, adverse adjective
talis, tale such adjective
vae + dat. alas interjection
arbitror to judge, think -ari, -atus sum
conor to try -ari, -atus sum
cresco to increase crescere, crevi, cretum
egredior to go out egredi, egressus sum
fateor to confess, admit fateri, fassus sum
hortor to encourage, urge -ari, -atus sum
loquor to say, speak loqui, locutus sum
molior to build moliri, molitus sum
morior to die mori, mortuus sum
nascor to be born nasci, natus sum
patior to suffer pati, passus sum
proficiscor to set out, start proficisci, profectus sum
rusticor to live in the country -ari, -atus sum
sedeo to sit sedere, sedi, sessum
sequor to follow sequi, secutus sum
specto to look at -are, -avi, -atum
utor to use uti, usus sum + abl.
ops help, aid opis, f.
opes power, resources, wealth opum, f.
philosophus philosopher philosophi, m.
philosopha philosopher philosophae, f.
plebs common people, populace plebis, f.
sal salt; wit salis, m.
speculum mirror speculi, n.
quis, quid (after si, nisi, ne, num) anyone, anything indefinite pronoun
candidus, a, um bright, shining; famous adjective
merus, a, um pure, undiluted, unmixed adjective
suavis, suave sweet adjective
-ve or conjunction
heu ah! interjection
subito suddenly adverb
recuso to refuse -are, -avi, -atum
trado to hand over, transmit tradere, tradidi, traditum
initium beginning, commencement initii, n.
custodiae guards custodiarum, f.
exercitus army exercitus, m.
paupertas poverty paupertatis, f.
dives, divitis rich adjective
par, paris equal to adjective + dative
pauper, pauperis poor adjective
dummodo provided that conjunction
facile easily adverb
bene well adverb
male badly adverb
multum much adverb
plurimum very much superlative adverb
magnopere greatly adverb
magis more comparative adverb
parum little adverb
primo first, at first adverb
primum in the first place adverb
diu for a long time adverb
diutius for a longer time comparative adverb
diutissime for a very long time superlative adverb
malo to prefer malle, malui
nolo to not want nolle, nolui
pateo to lie open patere, patui
praebeo to offer praebere, praebui, praebitum
promitto to send forth; promise promittere, promisi, promittum
volo to wish velle, volui
custodia protection, custody custodiae, f.
auxilium aid, help auxilii, n.
digitus digit digiti, m.
elephantus elephant elephanti, m.
exsilium exile exsilii, n.
invidia envy invidiae, f.
rumor rumor, gossip rumoris, m.
vinum wine vini, n.
mediocris, -e moderate adjective
cum + subj. when, since, although conjunction
cum + ind. when conjunction
apud among, at the house of prep. + acc.
semel once, simultaneously adverb
usque all the way, up to adverb
doleo to grieve dolere, dolui, doliturum
dormio to sleep dormire, dormivi, dormitum
fero to carry, bear,say ferre, tuli, latus
adfero to bring to (see fero)
confero to bring together, confer (see fero)
se conferre to go idiom
offero to offer (see fero)
refero to carry back (see fero)
invideo to envy -videre, -vidi, -visum
occido to die occidere, occidi, occasum
as copper coin assis, n.
iniuria injustice, injury, wrong iniuriae, f.
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