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Science Chapter 2

The production of a new organism from two parents Sexual Reproduction
the production of a new organism from a single parent Asexual reproduction
the transfer of genetic material from parent to individual reproduction
sexual reproduction in plants that produces new plants from leaves, roots or stems. Vegetative propagation
form of reproducing by splitting into two cells Splitting
Form of reproducing when a small part of the parent's body grows into a tiny and complete version of the parent. Budding
Only one parent in this type of reproduction Asexual
the passing down of traits from parents to offspring heredity
a trait that an offspring receives from its parents inherited trait
a way of acting or behaving that an animal is born with and does not have to learn. instinct
a trait that dominates or masks another form of that trait dominant
a trait that is hidden or masked by another form of the trait recessive trait
any individual who has inherited the gene for a trait but does not show that trait physically carrier
a chart used to trace the history of traits in a family pedigree
Any coloring, shape or pattern that allows an organism to blend in with its environment Camoflauge
when an animal matches the color, shape and texture of an environment protective resemblence
the remains, traces or imprints of living things preserved in Earth's crust fossil
how old a rock is in comparison to another rock relative age
when the organisms that are best suited to their environments survive and reproduce successfully natural selection
difference among members of the same species that enables individuals to better survive and reproduce variation
change in an organisms genetic material mutation
a type of camouflage in which the color of an animal helps it blend in with its background protective coloration
any characteristic that helps an organism survive in its environment adaptation
the age of a fossil in years absolute age
an adaptation in which an animal is protected against predators by its resemblence to an unpleasant animal mimicry
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