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Chapter 4 Technology & Engineering

engineer a person who uses both science and technology to solve problems
obsolete no longer used
goal purpose
brainstorming a process in which group members suggest any solutions that come to mind
prototype a working model used to test a design
patent a legal document issued by a government that gives the inventor exclusive rights to make, use, or sell the invention over a certain period of time
technology the use of knowledge to solve practical problems
engineering the application of science to satisfy needs and solve problems
bioengineering involves applying engineering principles to biology and medicine to create processes and products such as artificial limbs and x-ray machines
aerospace engineering consists of the design, construction, and testing of airplanes and spacecraft
mechanical engineering deals with the design, construction, and operation of machinery such as cars or personal transporters
civil engineering includes the design and construction of roads, bridges, and buildings
chemical enginering deals with the conversion of chemicals, such as oil, into useful products, such as diesel fuel
electrical engineering involves the design of electrical systems, including power, control systems, and telecommunications, such as satellites
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