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discription of therapys

Acupressure Pressure is applied with fingers to specific points of the body to stimulate & regulate the flow of energy through the body.
Acupuncture The insertion of very thin needles to specific pressure points on the body to stimulate & balance the flow of energy.
Antioxidants Nutritional therapy that uses substances called antioxidants to prevent oxidation and neutralize free radicals.
Aromatherapy Use of selected fragances to alter mood & restore the body, mind, & spirit.
Biofeedback use's monitoring devices to provide a patient with info about his or her reaction to stress by showing the effect of stress on heart rate, respirations, blood pressure, muscle tention and skin temperature
Healing Touch (reiki) Gentle hand pressure is applied to the bodys chakras to harness and balance the life energy force, help clear blockages,& stimulate healing.
Herbal or Botanical Medicine the belief that herbs and plant extracts, from roots, stems, seeds, flowers, & leaves, contain componds that alter blood chemistry, remove impurities, strengthen the immune system, & protect against disease.
Homeopathy uses very minute, duluted doeses of drugs made from natural substances to produce symptoms of the disease being treated. thinking that the substances stimulate the immune system to remove toxins and heal the body
Hydrotherapy uses water in any form for healing purposes. Water aerobics and exerciese, massage in or under water, soaking in hot springs or tubs and steam vapors; or a diet where you drink a lot of water to cleanse the body
Hypnotherapy used to induce a trance-like state so a person is more receptive to suggestion. enhances a persons ability to form images, used to encourage behavior changes.
Ionizatin Therapy special machines called air ionizers used to priduce negatively charged particles or ions; used to treat repiratory disorders
Macrobiotic Diet Nurtion therapy based on the concept of yin & yang and the balncing between these foods
Meditation teaches breahing and muscle relacation techniques to quiet the mind by focusing attention on obtaining a sense of oneness within oneself. reduces stress and pain
Pet Therapy uses dogs, cats, & birds to enhance health and stimulate an intrest in life. decreases depression
Phytochemicals nutritional therapy that recommends foods containing phytochemicals with the belief that chemicals help prevent disease
play therapy uses toys to allow children to learn about situations, express their emotions, & share experiences
Positive thought involves developing self-awareness, esteem, and love for oneself to allow the body to heal itself and eliminate disease
Reflexology healing art based on the concept that the body is divided into 10 equal zones that run from the head to toes. applys pressure to specific points on the foot so energy movement is directed toward the affected body part.
Spiritual therapies belief that a state of wholeness or health depends not only on physical health but the spiritual aspects of an individual
Tai Chi series of sequiential, slow, graceful and precise body movement combined with breathing techniques to improve energy flow within the body
Therapeutic (swedish) massage uses kneading, dliding, friction, tapping and vibrating motions by the hands to increase circulationof the blood and lymph
Therapeutic Touch healing practive with the belief that illness is an imblance in an individuals energy field. Uses hands placed slightly above the body to stimulate self healing.
Yoga concentration, specific positins, and ritual movements to maintain the balance and flow of life energy
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