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description of therapys

Acupressure Pressure is applied with fingers, palms, thumbs, or elbows to specific pressure points of the body to stimulate and regulate the flow of energy.
Acupuncture Ancient Chinese therapy that involves the insertion of very thin needles into specific points along the pathways in the body to stimulate and balance the flow of energy.
Antioxidants Nutritional therapy that encourages the substances called antioxidents to prevent or inhibit oxidation.
Biofeedback Relaxation therapy that uses monitoring devices to provide a patient with information about his or her reaction to stress by showing the effect of stress on heart rate, respirations, blood pressure, muscle tension, and skin temperature.
Healing Touch Ancient Japanese/Tibetan heaking art based in the idea that disease causes and inbalance in the body's energy field.
Herbal or Botanical Medicine Uses herbal medicines that have been used in almost all cultures since promitive times; based on the belief that herbs and plant extracts, from roots, stems, seeds, flowers, and leaves cotain compounds that alter blood chemistry.
Hemeopathy Uses water in any form, interallu and externally, for healing purposes.
Hypnotherapy Techinique used to induce a trance-like state so a person is more recepitive to suggestion and enhances a person's ability to form images.
Imagery Technique of usuing imagination and as many senses as possible to cisualuize a pleasant and soothing image.
Ionization Therapy Special machines called air ionizers are used to produce negatively charged air particales or ions; used to treat common respiratory problems.
Macrobiotic Diet Nutrition therapy based on the Taoist concept of the balance between yin(cold) and yang(heat)
Meditation Therapy that teaches breating and miscle relaxation techiniques to quiet the mind.
Pet Therapy Uses pets, such as dogs, to engance health and stimulate an unterest in life.
Phytochemicals Nutritional theraoy that recommends foods containing plant chemicals with belife that the chemicals prevent disease.
Play Therapy Uses toys to allow children to learn about situations and express their emotions.
Positive Thought Therapy that involves devolping self-awareness, self-esteem, and love for ones self.
Reflexology Acient healing art based in the concept that the body is divided into 10 equal zones that run from thye head to the toes.
Spiritual Therapies Uses prayer and meditation to allow and individual to use the powers within it oncrease the since of well being.
Tai Chi Based on the ancient theory that health is harmony with nature.
Therapeudic Massage Uses kneeding, gliding, friction, tapping, and vibrating motions by the hands to increase circulation.
Therapudic Touch Practionier assesses alterations or changes in a patients energy field.
Yoga Hindu disipline that uses cincetration.
Created by: mbnexsen