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huanying 3 unit 1

中文三 unit-1

转学 transfer to another school
幸运 lucky
开玩笑 make a joke
教授 professor
研究 research ; do a research
借读 study at a school a temporary basis
a structural particle word
搬家 move ; move house
一直 always ; continuously
出生 to be born
将来 in the future ; future
希望 hope
进步 progress ; advance
甜言蜜语 sweet words ; speak sweet words
time of taking an action
多么 such ; how
互相 mutually ; each other
elect ; select
班长 class leader
serve as ; work as
竞选 campaign for ; run for
打交道 interact with
为人处事 the way to conduct oneself and deal with others
能干 capable ; competent
优点 virtue ; merit
领导 leader ; lead ; leadership
演讲 speech ; lecture; give a speech
加油 make a greater effort
成功 success ; succeed
重要 important ; essential
努力 hard-working ; work hard
只有...才 only...then
社区 community
变得 change into
receive ; endure
难忘 unforgettable
投(票) cast (a vote)
填写 fill in (a form)
退课 drop a class
加课 add a class
教务处 academic affairs office
必修课 required course
选修课 elective course
地理 geography
used in potential complements
环境 environment
了解 understand ; understanding
地区 area ; region
从来 always ; all along
背书 recite a lesson from memory
just ; just now
进退两难 be in a dilemma ; difficult to proceed or to draw back
社团 club ; organization
each ; every ; various
自由 freedom
外向 extroverted
戏剧 drama ; play ; theater
演员 ator
话剧 modern drama ; stage play
比方说 for example
小组 small group
机器人 robot
听上去 sound ; sound like
退出 withdraw (from)
国家队 national (athletic) team
运动员 athlete
俱乐部 club
轻鬆 relaxed ; relaxing
班会 class meeting
讨论 discuss ; discussion
关于 about ; with regard to
讲座 lecture
压力 stress ; pressure
越...越 the more...the more
不过 but
抱怨 complain ; complaint
a variant of 啊
认真 serious ; seriously
方法 method ; means
一言中的 right on target ; right to the point
话题 topic
talk ; speak
Created by: ashleychung
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