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Human Consumption

test review

Per-capita a unit of measurement that means for each person
Negative our growing human population has a _____ impact on the environment
Increase in humans causes decreased habitats for plants and animals
Groundwater is being used at a very fast rate
Chemicals are being released in our water
Disposed Contamination from wastes that are not _____ of correctly can threaten our fresh water.
Fresh water is a natural resource that is important for human life
Aquifer underground reservoirs that hold water
Algal blooms rapid growth of algae
Frequency We should collect data of the _____ of algal blooms to monitor our local water systems.
Nitrogen Too much _____ in the water can cause algal blooms.
CO2 Abbreviation for carbon dioxide
Emmisions Produced and released
Graph We want carbon dioxide to decrease and wind production to increase
Forests We are losing _____ due to increase in human population
Global warming Warmer temperatures due to too much carbon dioxide
Pollution Environmental _____ is caused by more and more people on Earth
Landfills Where our trash and garbage goes
Recycle We can _____ glass, plastic, and paper to reduce what goes in our landfills
Donate We can _____ clothes to reduce what goes in our landfills
Food We can reduce _____ waste to reduce what goes in our landfills
Packaging We can buy things with less _____ to reduce what goes in our landfills
Water We should use reusable _____ bottles to reduce what goes in our landfills
Compost Use decaying organic material to fertilize soil
Fossil Fuels Burning these releases carbon dioxide, causing pollution
Lights Shut off _____ to conserve power at home; this saves fossil fuels
Thermostat In the winter you should turn down your _____; this saves fossil fuels
Transportation Use alternative _____ such as a bus, bike, or walking; this saves fossil fuels
Energy Use alternative _____ such as wind and solar power; this saves fossil fuels
Created by: goffteam
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