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3rd Grade Science

3rd Grade Science Ch.9-10

the condition of the air weather
the layer of air that surrounds the earth atmosphere
to soak up absorb
to send out rays of heat; to give off radiate
moving air wind
to change into water vapor evaporate
water in the gaseous form water vapor
the falling of rain, sleet, hail, or snow precipitation
a very small drop droplet
beads of ice that began as rain falling through freezing air sleet
to be full of water vapor humid
electricity that jumps from cloud to cloud or or from a cloud to the earth lightning
the sound that lightning makes thunder
a windstorm that builds up over the warm ocean hurricane
a windstorm that builds up over hot land tornado
frozen raindrops that are bounced up and down by the air in a thunderstorm before they fall to the earth in the shape of stones hail
What is the loss of soil by water or wind called? erosion
Is the mole helpful to the farmer? no
Is the shrew helpful to the farmer? yes
Is the earthworm helpful to the farmer? yes
Is the field mouse helpful to the farmer? no
List the 3 things that cause weather. heat, water, and wind
What covers almost three fourths of the earth's surface? water
Water can be found in what 3 forms? solid, liquid, gas
What is another name for a tornado? twister
What shape are raindrops? round
When molecules of water vapor begin to crystallize, or freeze, what is formed? snow
How many sides does every snowflake have? 6
The top layer of soil. It is dark-colored, rich in minerals, and not very deep. topsoil
The second layer of soil. It is lighter in color, has fewer minerals, and is deeper than topsoil. subsoil
Sometimes the farmer helps the soil by putting______ on the fields to return minerals that the plants took out. fertilizer
List 3 common storms. thunderstorms,hurricanes,tornadoes
If plants grow well in soil, we say the soil is ______. fertile
Small ditches where the soil is washed away. gullies
frozen balls of rain hail
rain that falls through freezing air sleet
frozen molecules of water vapor with 6 sides snow
perfectly round drops of falling water rain
a rainstorm that includes lightning thunderstorm
What are the two safest places to be in a thunderstorm? car, building
Created by: Walker83